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7 Generation Z Stats Every Adult Should Know

If you’re like most of our readers, you’re committed to preparing the emerging generation for real-life opportunities and challenges. But the truth is, you struggle with understanding why today’s young adults think and act the way they do. That’s exactly why I wrote our new ebook.

How to Overcome After-the-Holiday Slump

We live in a funny and unique day. On the whole, Americans have never enjoyed so much “stuff.” We have more possessions and live in a more materialistic era than at any point in the last century. At the same time, we are less happy than in past days. Go figure. I’ve written earlier about…

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A New Holiday Tradition—Better Than Giving Gifts

Just a brief post to wish you a very, merry Christmas holiday season and to challenge you to consider doing something new this year. For centuries, Christmas has been a time for giving gifts, spending time with loved ones and taking time off. Regardless of your background, most of you perpetuate the ritual of cherishing…

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Four Simple Ways to Re-Energize Over Christmas Break

I recently read a short story from Lynn Thibodeau, a mother of an eight-year-old son. Her husband had given her some beauty products last Christmas and she was about wash off one of the facial masks, when her son walked into the bathroom and asked what she was doing. She explained to him: “It was…

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Two Stories of Resilience Every Student Should Hear: Podcast #54

Today I’m excited to share with you a conversation with two specials guests, Sarah Clapper and Timothy Alexander. Sarah was recently crowned Miss Ohio 2017 after overcoming several obstacles to achieve her goal. The second guest is Timothy Alexander, who is serving as the Character Coach for the University of Alabama at Birmingham football team.…

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Coaching in a Pressure Cooker

Years ago, Florida State’s head football coach, Bobby Bowden, was fielding questions from an audience of fans. Their team was enjoying a run of several years, being in the top five finishes. It was a good time to be in Tallahassee. An elderly woman near the front raised her hand and said, “Coach Bowden, I…

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One Crucial Gift We Must Give to Teens

Did you know that among young teens, suicide attempts and emergency room visits have dramatically increased over the last eight years? In fact, girls committing self-harm has tripled since 2009. While overdosing on medication was most common among girls, self-inflicted injuries with sharp and blunt objects also increased during the study period. This data was…

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One Way to Prevent Delinquency

Years ago, I read a poem by Tanielle Beard that struck me at my core. It’s a simple message that too many of us parents, teachers, coaches and employers forget. You may have read it yourself, but I offer a version of it I have updated below as a simple reminder to adults who care…

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How Family Meals Impact SAT Scores

One of the paradoxes of our world today is the stunning connectedness we enjoy with people all over the world, and yet, at the same time, we feel isolated. How can people—especially young people—be so connected, yet so disconnected? It’s easy. Our screens connect us technically, but not genuinely. They offer access to people and…

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