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How to Overcome Job Shaming

I’m not sure if you caught it, but actor Geoffrey Owens recently appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” after an incident that took place in New York. You might remember Owens as the actor known for his comedic role as Elvin Tibideaux on The Cosby Show, between 1985 and 1992. But recently, Owens was “job shamed.” Photos of…

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7 Generation Z Stats Every Adult Should Know

If you’re like most of our readers, you’re committed to preparing the emerging generation for real-life opportunities and challenges. But the truth is, you struggle with understanding why today’s young adults think and act the way they do. That’s exactly why I wrote our new ebook.

The Fine Line Between Excellence and Obsession

I recently met a family on a road trip who epitomizes today’s society. Their three children are the center of their lives. They spend most of their money to resource those children. Both screens and sports occupy the majority of their time. Because they have some discretionary income, they have built a literal sports complex…

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Parents Say the Darndest Things to Educators

Most teachers would say they collaborate well with their student’s parents. Every year, however, teachers report some of the craziest requests parents make on behalf of their kid. Some of these true stories include the following: “I had a parent (and her son) who refused to sign my rules and expectations sheet at the beginning…

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The Main Reason Kids Lack Confidence

When Brandon told me he wanted to start a YouTube channel that helped people who share the same vision get together and collaborate, I asked him, “What’s stopping you?” “I don’t have the confidence,” he acknowledged. Over the next several minutes, Brandon and four of his friends joined me in a conversation about why teens…

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