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7 Generation Z Stats Every Adult Should Know

If you’re like most of our readers, you’re committed to preparing the emerging generation for real-life opportunities and challenges. But the truth is, you struggle with understanding why today’s young adults think and act the way they do. That’s exactly why I wrote our new ebook.

How to Teach Your Students To Be Responsible Decision Makers

By: Tim Elmore I remember it like it was yesterday. I met with three high school students following a major brawl after a Friday night football game. A group of students from each high school began trash-talking each other, and the clash got heated. Within moments, words were exchanged for fists. The fight required security…

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What the GameStop Market Surge Teaches Us About Generation Z & Millennials

By: Tim Elmore For years, younger generations have been the brunt of jokes by older generations who felt they were immature, lazy slackers who moved back home after college. A Twitter hashtag called, #HowToConfuseAMillennial even went viral, as social media posts often do. Some samples are: Show them a phone book. #HowToConfuseAMillennial Turn off their…

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Snow Globes and Training Wheels: How to Begin a New Year

By: Tim Elmore Following the holiday break, I wanted to offer you a word of encouragement.  Every person I met in 2020 could hardly wait for the new year to begin — including frontline workers who are exhausted from their labors, folks working from home who are lonely and annoyed, and teachers who’ve had to…

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If It Weren’t 2020

By: Tim Elmore The year started well, with our work and our money Our weather was warming, and our spring became sunny. Our life was quite normal, and resources were plenty. And it might have continued…if it weren’t 2020. As the spring unfolded, we got new direction, We were told to go home to avoid…

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