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Highlights From The National Leadership Forum


This past week, we hosted our 2013 National Leadership Forum in Atlanta, GA. Our theme: “Marching Off the Map.” We talked about the new territory we must take as we educate the digital and touch screen generations in school right now. It was so much fun to connect with a record crowd of educators, coaches, youth workers, administrators and employers who care about students and want to develop them into quality, healthy leaders. More than 310 educational leaders heard from Kim Bearden, Joel Manby, Len Sweet, Elena Bodrova, and others who addressed what education must look like if we plan to graduate kids who are ready for the future.

Here are summaries of some of the big ideas that emerged at the Forum:

Joel Manby: It doesn’t matter if you start on the bottom of the ladder as long as you’re on the right ladder

Kim Bearden: A culture of high expectations is a huge key to the success of our students

Len Sweet: Thou shalt remember the sandbox. We must make learning fun. (You don’t work a violin, you play it).

Elena Bodrova: We must help our kids recapture the ability to self-regulate and self-motivate, instead of depending on outside stimuli.

When I had the opportunity to share at the Forum, one of the questions I wanted us all to ponder is this: What would happen if we tried to connect with instead of control the next generation?  It’s my hope that all of us who were part of last week’s event will have a renewed passion to really connect with the students in our lives.

A big shout out to our volunteers who served whole-heartedly at the Forum! Thank you for being true leaders. 





The Student Panel..A big shout out to you all for sharing your experiences with influential educators. Thanks so much! 


Thank you Dr. Kevin Tashlein, Dr. John Green, and Rich Katt for sharing with our K12 Breakout session.


Thank you Andy Lorenzen for equipping the Business/Non-Profit Breakout session with tools to lead this generation.




A little game of Musical Chairs during Habitudes Certification left us all laughing. Thanks for being good sports!


This year’s Forum sold out in May…but we have an open spot for you at next year’s National Leadership Forum. Our theme will be: “Adjusting the Sails.” We will address what specific changes we must make to become relevant in reaching students and preparing them to be healthy adults and leaders. We will host it in Atlanta and our dates are June 26-27, 2014. (We are already 20% full).  Stay tuned for details.

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Highlights From The National Leadership Forum