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Growing Kindness in Your Kids at Christmas

Yesterday, I gave some ideas on how we can cultivate obedience in our children during this holiday season on Jenni Catron’s blog. My hope is you’re finding ways to implement these ideas from my “12 Days of Christmas Parenting” blog tour posts. In short, we’re talking about tips for parents to help them navigate the difficult traps of the holidays, and creating family moments with life long impact.

I kicked this week off with giving ways to grow a little faith and to throw a little faith into our everyday lives on Eric Bryant’s blog. On Monday, I shared how we can foster a positive attitude in our kids in this entitled world on Jon Gordon’s blog.

Today, Daniel Decker is hosting my blog. Daniel is the president of Higher Level Group, Inc., who works with authors, professional speakers and organizations. Daniel helps clients expand their influence. He and his wife are proud parents of 2 amazing girls. READ MORE HERE. You can follow Daniel on Twitter here.


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Growing Kindness in Your Kids at Christmas