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Growing Gratitude in Your Kids at Christmas

I’m having a blast doing this “12 Days of Christmas Parenting” blog tour.  We’re talking about tips for parents to help them navigate the difficult traps of the holidays, and create family moments with life long impact. I kicked things off on Michael Hyatt’s blog talking about helping your kids develop a sense of generosity this season, and then we talked about building patience yesterday on Pete Wilson’s blog. Today, I’m sharing some ideas on how to cultivate a spirit of gratitude.

Today, my friends over at Catalyst are hosting the series. This amazing group seeks to ignite and unite the next generation of leaders allowing their passions and gifts to flourish, and have maximum impact in our churches and culture. They hold an annual conference every October that I have attended since it began. READ MORE HERE. You can follow Catalyst on Twitter here.


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Growing Gratitude in Your Kids at Christmas