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Google Glass Explorers are the New Wave

google glass explorers

Have you seen them? I previewed these special glasses three years ago, and now Google is introducing them like a movie premiere in Hollywood.

It’s a special pair of glasses that are so much more than that. They are beautiful titanium and white-plastic framed glasses that are actually computers on your eyes. They’re called “Glass Explorers” and act like a mini computer, or tablet, able to search for content, find locations or remind you of appointments. “It’s like having a laptop on your face,” one early user said. Since the glasses are voice activated, you can ask them where the nearest Starbucks is, or have them remind you when you’re supposed to pick up your dry cleaning. They’re not perfect yet, but they are totally cool, agreed the first several thousand customers who paid $1,500 for a pair. They are far more convenient than reaching for your smart phone. It’s all hands free.

This is one more wave of the future…and it is exciting.

We will be wearing our computers. We will be interacting with them all the time, and they will guide us through our daily lives. Just get ready, however, for a life that looks more like The Jetsons than The Cosby Show—where soft skills, memory, ethics, relationships, and emotional intelligence were cultivated.

Remember. With each new paradigm shift in technology, we must ask ourselves about the trade-off it represents.

The question we must ask: What will we gain from this new device and what do we surrender in terms of life skills?


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Google Glass Explorers are the New Wave