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The Dark Side of Alexa and Siri for Your Kids

54shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn This summer, I witnessed something I never anticipated in a young child. I was visiting a friend’s home who had three young children. They also have Alexa, a smart speaker in their kitchen. His kids are growing up with artificial intelligence around them all the time—smart phones, smart watches,…

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Five Helpful Responses to Teen Anxiety and Depression

16shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn So how do you know if your teen is experiencing genuine symptoms of anxiety or depression, or if they’re simply, well…uh…a teenager. Adolescents have always shown symptoms of moodiness because of the hormone changes taking place, due to the life station they’re in. They can be emotional, withdrawn or…

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16 Issues Parents Must Balance to Lead Kids Well

14shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I’m sure you know someone who started their career with minimal resources and over the years, accumulated wealth. Author Malcolm Gladwell writes about an immigrant who now lives in Southern California. He came to the United States with almost nothing in his pocket and worked hard enough to become…

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Five Steps to Transform Student Protests into Learning Moments

4shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I know high school and college educators who penalized students for participating in the “walkout” on March 14th. I also have teacher-friends who walked out with those students and then discussed the implications of such protests and demonstrations in a civics class. Both of these educators have reasons for…

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When Leaders Act Like Kids, and Kids Act Like Leaders

2shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn While on a flight home from California, I watched the movie, “Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri.” It’s an award-winning film about a hurting woman who takes on the local police, who’ve failed to locate the criminal who’s assaulted and murdered her daughter. In the midst of the story,…

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