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What the Future of Leadership Looks Like

I get to meet some of the most amazing students as I travel. In fact, our entire team of speakers (at Growing Leaders) meets them, from secondary schools, to universities to international schools in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. As I meet these students, I am noticing something different. They are examples…

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How Our Screens Diminish Our Empathy

Sadly, it may just be a sign of the times. A shocking video was recently taken by a group of teens as they watched a man struggle and drown in a local pond. The body of Jamel Dunn was not found for five days. Apparently, it was entertaining. So instead of taking action, some students…

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New Survey: Millennials Learn More from Technology Than from People

In June of 2017, our organization, Growing Leaders, collaborated with Harris Poll to conduct a survey and discover the perspectives of various generations in the U.S. The survey looked at how different generations feel prepared for adult life; whether they had/have an adult mentor preparing them for adulthood; how overwhelmed they are by daily life…

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Signs to Spot and Steps to Take to Prevent Suicide

Recently, I was interviewed for a radio broadcast on Georgia Public Broadcasting in Atlanta. I joined the program host Celeste Headlee and investigators J. Bahan Rich and Trebor Randle from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. It was a difficult conversation, as the topic was suicide prevention. Our state has seen a spike in teen suicides…

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How a Cell Phone Ruined Two Lives

Breaking news hit the airwaves in June that reflected how much the digital world is changing the way we live our lives. In a first-of-its-kind story, Michelle Carter, 20 years old, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, after her former boyfriend, Conrad Roy, committed suicide in his pickup truck in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. “Wait,” you say.…

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