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How One NASA Intern Used Their “Rookie Smarts”

3shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn You won’t believe what happened on the third day of Wolf Cukier’s short internship at NASA over the summer. This 17-year old high school student from Scarsdale, New York was given an assignment to check images from a super-strength satellite. That’s when it happened—and it surprised everyone, including Wolf. This…

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The Top Five Issues Generation Z & Millennials Say They Care About

25shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I asked an 18-year old high school senior what she cared about most. “I don’t just mean your family and friends,” I clarified. “I mean what issues and concerns do you think about most.” She blinked and stared at me for a moment, then replied, “No adult has ever asked…

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Two Critical Mistakes Parents Make When It Comes to Responsibility

19shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn This month, American parents received two life-lessons about mishandling money with their young adult children. The research on what’s trending has become clear. Let me cut straight to the point. 1. Parents Take Responsibility Too Often When We Should Let It Go The results of a nationwide survey were recently…

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