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Now is the Time for Leaders to Step Up

10shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Have you heard about the latest trend? People are resigning from their jobs in droves. By the millions. Inc. magazine reported on The Great Resignation, detailing the numbers; and they’re staggering. The Great Resignation, is a term coined in 2019 by Texas A&M’s Anthony Klotz to predict a mass exodus…

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What Employers Should Expect from Generation Z: Vocation Rotation

17shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn My head was spinning after talking to Zoe, a 21-year-old who’s quite ambitious. She is taking college courses, has a job on campus, as well as two-side hustles, one as an Uber driver and the other, an app-based non-profit leader Zoe started herself to launch her career. She has some…

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Eight Sticky Traits of Uncommon Leaders

22shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Years ago, I spoke at an awards banquet for a large corporation on the West Coast. A woman named Julia received an “uncommon leadership” award that evening for taking her department to an entirely new level of performance. Her team had doubled their results, year-over-year, even in the midst of…

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The State of Today’s Students Around the World

3shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Three years ago, our organization, Growing Leaders, hosted focus groups of international leaders called Global Voices Gatherings. More than 30 leaders of youth organizations and educational institutions from 10 countries (including Singapore, Great Britain, Brazil, Ethiopia, Mexico, Canada, Egypt, South Africa, Italy, and the United States) joined us in Atlanta.…

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10 Steps to Help Recent College Graduates with Interviews

22shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Picture this scenario: Your young graduate sends out her resume to several potential employers hoping for a great job to open up. Lo and behold, three job offers end up coming her way. But which should she choose? Such a decision seems more stressful than it was in past generations.…

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