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Four Expectations Generation Z Has of Future Employers

3shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn The first wave of young adults from Generation Z are entering the workforce, and believe it or not, they are different from the Millennial Generation, who are a bit older than they are. Generation Z is the population who grew up during the first fifteen years of the 21st…

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Are We Really Wasting Time When We Play?

5shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Last month, I enjoyed hearing best-selling author Daniel Pink at our RoundTable for Principals in Atlanta. Dan shared some highlights from his newest book, “When,” which is all about the science behind the best ways to leverage our time. Part of his session was about when we (and our…

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What Effective Leaders Know About Handling Conflict

14shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn We live in a day of irony. When I look at our society, I see more conflict today than we’ve had in the past—politics, gender equality, racial equality, immigration, you name it. At the same time, it feels like we don’t know how to handle conflict in a productive…

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Four Ways to Mentor Young Entrepreneurs

0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Did you know that today’s teen leaders and inventors are part of a long line of young entrepreneurs throughout history? Believe it or not, many of the world’s most incredible minds started displaying their brilliance very young, coming up with television, telephones and trampolines, as well as braille, calculators, popsicles and ear muffs—all before their 20th birthdays.…

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Three Steps to Help Students Start Their Careers

0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn “So, what do you want to do with your life?” This question paralyzes students more than any other. They get stumped—not because they don’t have any idea—but because they have so many ideas. They often have several visions for their future. When I sat down recently with a group…

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Why Not Knowing Anything About an Industry Could Be Your Biggest Advantage

0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn This column was originally published on on September 28, 2017. You may not be shocked to learn that the majority of today’s emerging youth population see themselves as entrepreneurs. Instead of seeking that corner office in a large company, they envision creating or curating something and then selling it…

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