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Video: Exploring Gender Differences in the Workplace

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Today’s blog is a video interview with Tami Heim, Partner at the A Group and former President of Borders Books. I was interviewing her about gender differences in the workplace and she actually turned the tables and began to interview me! I hope you find our discussion useful. This video…

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Inseparable (Part Nine): Influence

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Inseparable (Part Nine) Nine Elements You Cannot Separate From Healthy Leadership Today is the final part in my blog series on nine ingredients that cannot be separated from quality leadership. Like eggs and bacon—they just go together. Any leader without them is incomplete or unhealthy. Since my blog posts are…

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Building Relationship Skills in a Texting Generation

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn On Saturday, I spoke at a parent event hosted by Northridge Church in Plymouth, Michigan. I experienced amazing hosts and 550 receptive parents all day long. During the day, I was asked great questions by moms and dads that I plan to blog about this week. The question below came…

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