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Ditch the Niche: An Exercise to Mix with Multiple Generations

1share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By Tim Elmore   The ebb and flow of our economy has been bad news for millions of families. The recession and the inflation that followed has created uncertainty. During the pandemic, I watched several extended families locally choose to consolidate their monthly rent or a mortgage payment by living…

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Is It Possible to Assess Our Ability to Connect with Other Generations?

3shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By Tim Elmore Janet experienced trouble at work just two weeks after she hired Rory. In their weekly meetings, Rory began expressing his distaste for the department’s current strategies. He described their team as a big “L” (meaning “loser”) and said he didn’t know why they weren’t implementing better ideas. …

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Candles and Brush Fires

2shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore I lived in southern California for many years. Every year, it seemed we heard about another fire that broke out. The dry, warm weather coupled with a careless mistake can be deadly. Wildfires have been rampant, destroying miles of property as they spread. During the summer and fall…

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