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Five Steps to Help Students Avoid the Comparison Trap

20shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Over the last five years, I’ve heard dozens of authors and speakers talk about the “comparison trap.” I believe it’s because people are not only prone to compare themselves to each other, but social media has exacerbated the problem. The student focus groups we hosted two years ago illustrated…

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Three Ideas to Handle Conflict on Social Media

9shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Something happened on television a decade ago that changed the face of public interaction. Do you remember what it was? It was ten years ago when incivility was officially ushered in by a huge personality who had little restraint. The person was Kanye West. It was the 2009 MTV…

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The Latest Research on the Mental Effects of Social Media Usage

29shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I have a deal to make with you. If you’ll read the research below on what screen time is doing to teenagers in America, and you feel it might be helpful for your young people to know about this research—print this article, grab a latte together and talk it…

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How to Develop Positive Self-Esteem in Teens

6shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Self-esteem for kids has been a hot topic for fifty years. In the late 1960s, books were written for educators and parents about the need to affirm young people; for teens to “find themselves,” believe in themselves and express themselves. It was an epiphany for Builder generation parents who…

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The Negative Impact of Social Media on a Teen’s Self-Esteem

27shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn While social media platforms have had a positive effect on some kids’ self-esteem, (including those who become YouTube famous), it has had a negative effect on the majority of them. Sooner or later, each young person observes posts that: Make them feel worse about themselves. (Cyber-bullying) Cause them to…

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What We Can Learn About Leading Students from Instagram

14shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Angela is in the sixth grade. Her parents have chosen to not purchase a smart phone for her yet, because they see the anxiety social media platforms cause Angela’s peers. When my teammate Andrew McPeak asked her if she wishes she had a phone, her response was insightful.  She…

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