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The Problem With Many Smartphone Solutions

2shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Smartphones have been around long enough for people to see both the benefits and consequences of such devices on young people. As our speaker team makes their way across the country this month to 45 school events, we are meeting educators, coaches and parents who mourn the addictive nature…

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Four Expectations Generation Z Has of Future Employers

5shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn The first wave of young adults from Generation Z are entering the workforce, and believe it or not, they are different from the Millennial Generation, who are a bit older than they are. Generation Z is the population who grew up during the first fifteen years of the 21st…

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The Dark Side of Alexa and Siri for Your Kids

54shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn This summer, I witnessed something I never anticipated in a young child. I was visiting a friend’s home who had three young children. They also have Alexa, a smart speaker in their kitchen. His kids are growing up with artificial intelligence around them all the time—smart phones, smart watches,…

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How Generation Z Shops and What It Means for Us to Teach Them

8shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn If you are communicating with middle school, high school or college students, you already know they’ve grown up in the digital world. They are the Touchscreen Generation, also known as “screenagers.” It may surprise you to discover, then, that 98 percent of them still shop in brick and mortar…

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Three Ways to Beat Social Media Addiction

18shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn For three years, we’ve heard teens say in our focus groups that they are “addicted to social media.” In fact, it’s been said so often, it almost sounds cliché. Today, however, some of the early pioneers of social media platforms admit they purposely created features that not only lure…

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Should Parents Be Friends with Their Kids on Social Media?

5shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn The answer to this question about being friends with our kids probably depends on the personality and age of your child. Some parents and kids connect well via smart phone and others do not. According to Pew Research: 53% are friends with their parents. This tends to work better…

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