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Teaching Students Subjects That Don’t Come Natural for Them

8shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn One of the most frustrating experiences for a teacher or a parent is trying to teach something to a young person—something we know will help them succeed later—and finding them unresponsive. It matters not what the subject is: Math Reading Science Changing a tire Work ethic Writing and communication I…

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Seven Ideas to Help Student Leaders with Cognitive Bias

5shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Some of you may be leaders of the emerging generation. You lead schools, businesses, sports teams and families. Many of you who work with student-leaders want to help them navigate the privileges and responsibilities of their position. I recently sat in on a Student Government Association meeting on a college…

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Why Tough Grading Teachers Produce Better Learners in the End

23shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn This may not surprise you, but a new study found that students perform better on standardized tests each year when their teachers are tough graders—and argues that when students have the mindset that says “everybody gets a gold star,” it does “more damage than good.” The report, published by the Thomas…

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Five Steps to Help Students Avoid the Comparison Trap

21shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Over the last five years, I’ve heard dozens of authors and speakers talk about the “comparison trap.” I believe it’s because people are not only prone to compare themselves to each other, but social media has exacerbated the problem. The student focus groups we hosted two years ago illustrated this…

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Four Steps to Helping Students Make Good Decisions

8shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Alex is a college student I enjoyed a coffee with recently. Our discussion revolved around all the options he was staring with next semester, including courses and jobs, clubs and other extra-curricular activities. Like so many others, Alex is suffering from “decision fatigue.” It’s the experience of being worn down…

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Nine Leadership Traits We See in Generation Z

11shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn This past month, even more protestors got arrested by Hong Kong police. You likely saw the story on the news. But do you understand what’s really going on? Technically, Hong Kong belongs to China but is under an agreement called “One Country, Two Systems.” Mainland China is very authoritarian. Hong…

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How 2019 Impacted Our Students

5shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn We not only just finished another year—we just completed another decade. Some of the “firsts” that happened over the last decade are remarkable: The first non-political candidate won the presidency — Donald Trump. Facebook became more valuable than AT&T, General Electric, and Citigroup combined. Same-sex marriage became legal. American unemployment…

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