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The Right Time to Give a Second Chance

16shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Ashton just got suspended from his high school for an entire week for cheating. His mother, Jan, was beside herself, because six other students (Ashton’s classmates) got excused for their misconduct, only having to serve one detention period. Jan, obviously, felt it wasn’t fair. Why should her son get…

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Four Healthy Coping Mechanisms Teens Can Use

23shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn The numbers were just released by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), and American life expectancy has dropped for the first time since World War I. In fact it’s dropped for the last three years. When I first read this, I was stunned. Seriously? Isn’t science and medicine…

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Anxiety: One Solution to Get Out of this Mess

33shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Everywhere I go, I meet adults (most of them parents) who are afraid for our kids today. We are afraid of what can happen on social media, school shootings, drug abuse, cyber-bullying, terrorism, phone addictions, you name it. Since I see this in every state, I decided to dig…

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Five Dangerous Apps Parents Don’t Know Teens Use

251shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn One decade ago, high school senior, Jessica Logan sent a nude photo of herself to her boyfriend. When they later broke up, he forwarded the photo to everyone else at her school. This launched her tragic attempt to hide from those who teased her about being a slut. Jessica…

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One Great Reason to Reduce Social Media Use

9shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I just finished speaking to both parents and students at a high school and—wouldn’t you know it—social media was the all-consuming topic of my two days on campus. So many parents felt obliged to purchase a smart phone for their child as a middle-schooler, and now years into the…

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