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How Student Leadership is Morphing for Generation Z

21shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn “I see leadership differently than my parent’s generation does.” Those are the words of Brandon, a college sophomore, who ended his semester at home when the entire student body at Vanderbilt University left due to COVID-19. The coronavirus is changing us, and Brandon believes it is only accelerating a…

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Three Ways to Know If Your Kid Is Dealing with Loneliness

10shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn When both of my kids were young, they had no problem expressing what they wanted or needed. My wife and I would’ve sworn they were both extroverts, as they (like millions of other Millennials) let us know if they were hungry, thirsty, in need of a toy, or desiring…

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New Study: Students Who Can Manage Emotions Do Better Academically and In Life

20shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn It was a tense moment in the classroom, as two students saw each other’s grades after a mid-term exam. Lamar and Jason had both studied hard, so it was crushing for Lamar to see that he’d gotten 78 percent on his test, and Jason had scored 93 percent. Jason…

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