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Tim Elmore

On Leading the Next Generation


Serving others

The Impact of One Generous Leader

11shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Leading up to “Giving Tuesday” and Thanksgiving this year, we thought we’d do something different. I plan to post simple stories of leaders I know who’ve encountered generous people during their lifetime. This first is from my friend, Glen Jackson who tells of his first encounter with Truett Cathy.…

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The State of Today’s Students Around the World

3shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Three years ago, our organization, Growing Leaders, hosted focus groups of international leaders called Global Voices Gatherings. More than 30 leaders of youth organizations and educational institutions from 10 countries (including Singapore, Great Britain, Brazil, Ethiopia, Mexico, Canada, Egypt, South Africa, Italy, and the United States) joined us in…

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A Powerful Leadership Lesson from a Super Bowl Athlete

38shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn You don’t have to love football to know—the 2019 Super Bowl will take place this Sunday. The NFC champion Los Angeles Rams will take on the AFC champion New England Patriots in my hometown, Atlanta, Georgia. Two great teams will square off to determine who will be the champion…

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Nine Creative Ways You Can Support Teachers

22shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn The numbers were just released. Government data shows “Teachers and other public education employees, such as community-college faculty, school psychologists and janitors, are quitting their jobs at the fastest rate on record,” reports The Wall Street Journal. Due to a tighter labor market and historically low unemployment rates, many…

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When You Change a Student, You Change the Future

0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn May I tell you a great story? This year, we began working with a partner organization in the Domincan Republic, called “Global Effect.” They exist to empower local residents to bring about sustainable transformation to their communities, addressing economic, social and physical needs in those communities. A few years…

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The Unexpected Outcome of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

18shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Every now and then, you hear a story that takes your breath away. A true story that defies human logic, but displays human nature at its very best. Such a story took place a few weeks ago in Pennsylvania. By now, you’ve heard various accounts of the tragic shooting…

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How a Pig Increased Initiative in Students

0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn With Thanksgiving upon us—I’d love to tell you about something I am thankful for.  The story below fills me with both pride and hope. Paoli High School is one of the schools The Growing Leaders Initiative collaborates with. We’ve granted Habitudes® resources, to help them learn leadership as teenagers.…

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