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When You Change a Student, You Change the Future

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn May I tell you a great story? This year, we began working with a partner organization in the Domincan Republic, called “Global Effect.” They exist to empower local residents to bring about sustainable transformation to their communities, addressing economic, social and physical needs in those communities. A few years ago,…

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The One Soft Skill That Can Make or Break a Person    

56shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn A new survey was taken among both educators and parents—which revealed that each has different perspectives when it comes to our kids. We gain a fresh perspective when we see life from the classroom as well as the family room. Both teachers and parents, however, agree on one thing for…

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Four Ordinary Traits of Extraordinary Leaders

17shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn During my doctoral studies in leadership development, one question framed more conversations than almost any other: do great leaders form in any age and under any circumstance—or do contrary circumstances actually “summon” leaders to step forward?  For example, would we have ever heard of attorney Abraham Lincoln had we never…

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Sometimes Leadership Is a Life or Death Situation

10shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Sometimes helping students goes far deeper than our usual activities on a typical day. Take Sheila Fedrick’s situation for instance. Sheila is a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines. She’s a fifteen-year veteran and is good at her job. Typically, this means she has a pleasant attitude and serves nice cold…

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The Top Traits We Look for in Millennial Team Members

1share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore As I travel, I meet leaders who consistently ask about hiring and firing staff. How do we find good members and how do we cultivate their talent? How do we find young staff members who possess a strong work ethic and great attitudes? Great questions. Whether you’re student…

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Why Young Athletes Lack Grit & How to Build It

9shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore I recently spoke to a hitting coach for a professional baseball team. He told me how he’d tried to help a 19-year-old minor leaguer change his swing. After trying his suggestion three times, the player tossed down the bat saying, “It doesn’t work.” The hitting coach replied, “But…

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Three Leadership Lessons From Charleston, South Carolina

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Last week, America mourned yet another senseless tragedy—the hateful shooting and killing of nine individuals by a 21-year-old gunman at the Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Six women and three men died; four of them were pastors. I have to admit, I was shocked, then I grieved, and…

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Three Balancing Acts to Perform with Today’s Young Students

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore You’ve probably noticed the new breed of students today, who bring with them new and different issues we leaders must face. Research is beginning to show that today’s teens look at money, social media, gender issues, family and careers differently than twenty-somethings do. They’re much more “out of…

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