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Why Colleges Should Not Drift from Their Original Mission

5shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn In forty years of teaching and leading university students, I’ve seen the college campus evolve in a tangible way. I love some of what’s happened… but mourn other changes. Many schools that were once incubators of inquiry and critical thinking — willing to debate any and all ideas — have…

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The Benefits of Preparing Your Students to Think Like Leaders

7shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Almost everywhere I travel, I meet everyday students who are doing extraordinary things. They are teens who’ve caught a vision to do something beyond making good grades or staying out of trouble, and their communities benefit as a result. I love the students at Kennesaw Mountain High School who years…

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Three Ideas to Enable Students to Build Bridges in the Internet Age

2shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Today’s blog is from Andrew McPeak. Andrew is a next gen researcher, speaker and the Vice President of Content for Growing Leaders. He is also the co-author of Generation Z Unfiltered: Facing Nine Hidden Challenges of the Most Anxious Population. In your conversations with friends or in discussions online, you’ve probably…

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Three Leaders Who Made a Difference for Generation Z

9shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Jacob and Alexa are both sophomores in college. They’re like millions of other 19-year-olds in the U.S. They’re savvy to what’s happening in culture. They are smart and make good grades, and they plan to, one day, own their own company. Unlike millennials, however, Jacob and Alexa don’t feel they…

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The Importance of Radical Independence

1share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn This week, Americans celebrate our anniversary as a nation. But did you know that when the initial battles in the Revolutionary War broke out in April 1775, few colonists desired complete independence from Great Britain, and those who did were considered radical. Although some politicians advocated independence from England—the average American, from…

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Six Ways to Help Students Make Good Summer Decisions

11shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn With summer upon us, many parents are processing how their kids can best use their time. It’s a difficult balance to strike. Too often, a typical school year consists of mom rushing her kids through a drive-through, grabbing some chicken nuggets and hustling over to a practice or rehearsal. Multiple…

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Leadership Lessons from Three Heroes at a School Shooting

5shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Can you believe it?  Another school shooting took place last week. Although youth violence has gone down over the last three decades, we still hear of too many tragic episodes like the one that took place just 20 minutes from my former home, in Highlands Ranch, Colorado (just south of…

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