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A New Approach to Managing Millennials in the Workforce: Podcast #39


0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Today, I’m excited to share with you a conversation with Geoff Goodman, President of Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt. Having held other executive positions for Bruster’s Ice Cream and Cici’s Pizza, Geoff has a whole new stance on how to manage and lead the next generation. Here are some of the…

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The Top Traits We Look for in Millennial Team Members

1share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore As I travel, I meet leaders who consistently ask about hiring and firing staff. How do we find good members and how do we cultivate their talent? How do we find young staff members who possess a strong work ethic and great attitudes? Great questions. Whether you’re student…

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Why Young Athletes Lack Grit & How to Build It

9shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore I recently spoke to a hitting coach for a professional baseball team. He told me how he’d tried to help a 19-year-old minor leaguer change his swing. After trying his suggestion three times, the player tossed down the bat saying, “It doesn’t work.” The hitting coach replied, “But…

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A Graduation With Over 90 Valedictorians

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore We’ve all seen it: Little League baseball players show up for their final game, and everyone gets a trophy. Students compete in an art show, and everyone gets a ribbon. It’s become commonplace. We are all winners. In fact, we’re all awesome. The question on the minds of…

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Three Balancing Acts to Perform with Today’s Young Students

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore You’ve probably noticed the new breed of students today, who bring with them new and different issues we leaders must face. Research is beginning to show that today’s teens look at money, social media, gender issues, family and careers differently than twenty-somethings do. They’re much more “out of…

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How Can We Prepare for the Next One Hundred Years?

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore Recently, I was invited to speak to an audience of business executives on the subject of the next one hundred years. Specifically, what will the next two generations of kids look like as adults, and how will they navigate their society’s needs and challenges? I’d like to share…

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