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Time’s 2019 Person of the Year Is a Teenager

4shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Have you heard of Greta Thunberg? In many ways, she’s a typical 16-year old student from Sweden. She’s an adolescent on social media who wants to change the world. The big difference is—she actually is changing the world right now. Greta was just named TIME magazine’s 2019 Person of…

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How Two Teachers Made a Life-Changing Impact

4shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Each week, leading up to “Giving Tuesday,” I decided to post a story illustrating the “art of generosity.” Instead of asking you to give to our non-profit, we chose to offer a handful of stories of generous people, then challenge you to find your own young person nearby and…

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What If Leadership Didn’t Just Come from the Team Captain?

5shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn The first Monday Night Football game of 2019 between the Houston Texans and the New Orleans Saints was a great one. “The Saints took possession with 37 seconds remaining in the game, used 36 of those seconds to drive to the Texans’ 40-yard line, and put Wil Lutz on…

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Six Ways to Help Students Make Good Summer Decisions

11shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn With summer upon us, many parents are processing how their kids can best use their time. It’s a difficult balance to strike. Too often, a typical school year consists of mom rushing her kids through a drive-through, grabbing some chicken nuggets and hustling over to a practice or rehearsal.…

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Adversity May Just Be a Student’s Best Friend

7shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Last week I met someone at a student conference who inspired me. Alex is a junior in high school who has overcome several obstacles in his first sixteen years of life—an abusive, deadbeat dad who left the family; growing up in a single parent household afterward; family income that…

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