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One Parent Addiction that Produces Regrets

Here’s a twist to our traditional thinking. In a recent survey of 2,000 secondary school students, responders felt their parents were using a mobile device too much. I am not joking. The tables have turned and the kids are asking for the adults to fight the addiction to technology. You’ve got to hear this. According to…

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How to Get Your 20-Something Out of the Basement

Today, we hear from Andrew McPeak. Andrew is a writer, curriculum designer, and speaker who has served with a number of non-profit organizations (and has spoken to thousands of Millennials) over the last 5 years. He now serves on our team at Growing Leaders. Here’s a story that goes a step beyond just living in your…

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A Lesson in Child Development from the French

Pamela Druckerman is an American mother, who’s lived in France for some time. She and her British husband are raising children there, but they soon realized they were different than French parents. Sitting in a restaurant one evening, she noticed it was only her daughter that was unruly; throwing her food on the floor or…

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The Missing Ingredient in Today’s Parenting Journey

In recent years, I’ve spent countless hours with groups of parents, faculty, coaches and youth workers. Each conversation becomes a candid disclosure of the fears, the struggles and the preoccupation adults have with today’s youth. It has become clear that over the course of their kids’ childhood, parents experience various stages as they guide and…

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How to Balance Tech Time and Tree Time

For the last few years, Americans have experienced an epiphany. Parents and educators realized our young adults have remained indoors in front of a screen for far too many hours. So now—we’ve begun to do something about it. According to a report from Kampgrounds of America (KOA), an organization of privately owned campgrounds, more and…

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How to Help Teens Through Emotional Times

Let me begin this blog with a brash, even stark observation: We live in a very emotional time period. Not only are adults divided over our nation’s politics right now, expressing volatile emotions, but our kids are navigating extreme emotions at a high level. Students often find it difficult to negotiate the alarming amount of information…

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