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Should Parents Be Friends with Their Kids on Social Media?

3shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn The answer to this question about being friends with our kids probably depends on the personality and age of your child. Some parents and kids connect well via smart phone and others do not. According to Pew Research: 53% are friends with their parents. This tends to work better…

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How to Handle Arguments with Kids About Phones

8shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Millions of parents have walked into landmines, as they disagree with their child on any number of mobile phone mishaps, social etiquette or social media addictions. Emotional debates occur, which can divide parents and kids and lead to a breakdown in communication. Parents often say things like: “You’re always…

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What Do Kids Picture When You Ask Them to Draw a Leader?

16shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn A few weeks ago, Fast Company magazine published a piece where they asked young children to draw a picture of a “leader.” They did not specify what that meant; the kids could come up with whatever person or characteristics they imagined that leaders embody, and then draw it with…

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What Parents and Students Should Look for in Colleges and Majors

14shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Most of the high school seniors that I talk to tell me they aren’t sure what they want to do when they graduate. Some will declare a major course of study for college but even they will concede, “I’ll have to see if it feels right once I start.”…

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