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Three Ways to Know If Your Kid Is Dealing with Loneliness

5shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn When both of my kids were young, they had no problem expressing what they wanted or needed. My wife and I would’ve sworn they were both extroverts, as they (like millions of other Millennials) let us know if they were hungry, thirsty, in need of a toy, or desiring…

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How Involved Should Parents Be in Their Child’s Education?

28shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn During the past month, I found myself speaking to more than 6,500 parents in various locations across the U.S. I never have a more engaged audience than when I’m interacting with moms and dads. That month, I found the most popular question was—how do I support my child in…

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Parents: Why You Need to Stop Doing Your Kid’s Work

25shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn The latest example of the new way parents view their children just occurred. It illustrates our shift from equipping our youth to cope with adversity, to seeking ways to reduce the adversity. Instead of believing they’re strong enough to face tough times, we look outward for an answer. It…

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Are We Talking Too Much in Our Classrooms and Our Families?

9shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Last fall, I observed four high school classrooms in a single day. I saw four teachers offering instruction to four groups of students on four different subjects. After the first class, I made an observation and came up with an anecdotal hypothesis that I decided to test in the…

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How to Raise Healthy Kids in a Fearful Culture

12shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn This week, I am blogging on three cultural realities and how we can help our kids from Generation Z navigate them. We’ve explored our culture of avoidance and our culture of outrage the past two days. Today, I want to talk about our culture of fear. Because we’re raising…

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