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Advice to Teachers and Parents When Guiding Teens on Instagram

9shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore Anyone who cares about young people should see the data just revealed on Instagram and its parent company Facebook. Millions of teenagers, mostly girls, have spiraled into symptoms of depression and despair after spending time on these platforms. The data seems to indicate the connection between depression…

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Five Ideas to Manage Your Kids’ Screen Time in a Pandemic

28shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore This may not surprise you, but since the pandemic started, kids’ screen time has doubled. Qustodio, a monitoring device that tracks screen time reports that kids’ screen time has increased 100 percent since the COVID-19 outbreak started. One dad noted that his son played video games 40…

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What Parents and Teachers Can Do That Google Cannot Do

28shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Many parents fret that they’re not having the same conversations with their children that they did with their parents when they were kids. Teachers fret that engaging students in the classroom is tougher today because they compete against YouTube, Netflix, and Tik Tok. Coaches and youth workers fret that keeping…

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Five Ideas to Overcome the Challenge of Virtual Learning This Fall

22shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Most of us weren’t quite sure what would happen when the nationwide quarantine was mandated and both parents and their kids found themselves attempting to work from home. What we now realize is that those students and their parents agree on one thing: Virtual learning didn’t work too well. Most…

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