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Five Harmful Parenting Styles and How to Correct Them

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Growing up, my son loved participating in a community theatre program in Atlanta. He is a true thespian. He loves the drama of a Broadway show. He loves the drama of television or movies. He loves the drama of musical theatre. Unfortunately, he’s seen a little too much drama from…

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The Best Way to Help Kids with Homework

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Parenting experts all agree: your children will always need you while they live under your roof—but how they need you will change over time. One of our problems as parents is—we lock into one way of helping our kids; one leadership style that doesn’t change as they mature. This presents…

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Should We Monitor Our Kids’ Social Media Use?

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Parents, teachers, coaches, youth workers and employers are all attempting to figure out the “new normal” that kids experience in a world of “pings” and “rings” from their phone. It seems we are all still attempting to civilize this portable device. Let’s dig into it. Should We Monitor Kids’ Use…

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How Adult Arguments Impact Kids and What to Do

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I recently witnessed a high school freshman “act out” in a gymnasium after an assembly. It was both sad and embarrassing for him. Everyone was stunned during that awkward moment and the student left absolutely humiliated. Later that day, I got the serendipitous chance to interact with him. Perhaps because…

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16 Issues Parents Must Balance to Lead Kids Well

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I’m sure you know someone who started their career with minimal resources and over the years, accumulated wealth. Author Malcolm Gladwell writes about an immigrant who now lives in Southern California. He came to the United States with almost nothing in his pocket and worked hard enough to become one…

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The New Unwritten Rule for Parents that Hurts Everyone

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Helmets. Knee pads. Harnesses. Car Seats. Baby On Board signs in the back of the mini van. Diaper changing tables in the public restrooms. These are all signs of the times. And, for the most part, I believe they’re good signs; signals that adults have made children a priority. With…

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