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How to Build Snowmen from a Snowflake Generation

For years, we’ve heard journalists, educators and employers tell us that our youngest generation in America could be called a “snowflake generation.” Why? Because so many of these kids have been raised in a delicate, soft environment, protected from life’s harsh realities and responsibilities. Some even wrote that we’ve coddled them, protecting them with “bubble…

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One Way to Prevent Delinquency

Years ago, I read a poem by Tanielle Beard that struck me at my core. It’s a simple message that too many of us parents, teachers, coaches and employers forget. You may have read it yourself, but I offer a version of it I have updated below as a simple reminder to adults who care…

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How Family Meals Impact SAT Scores

One of the paradoxes of our world today is the stunning connectedness we enjoy with people all over the world, and yet, at the same time, we feel isolated. How can people—especially young people—be so connected, yet so disconnected? It’s easy. Our screens connect us technically, but not genuinely. They offer access to people and…

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How to Problem Solve a Problem Child

Do you remember the 1990 movie, “Problem Child,” starring John Ritter and Michael Oliver? It was a comedy about a couple who adopt a boy, only to find out he’s terribly troubled, dysfunctional and even destructive to others. The film sparked two sequels, as it hit home with so many viewers. It’s a story that…

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One Secret to Help Kids Control Emotions

I’d like to review some case studies with you. So far, this fall, I’ve been in front of 4,000 students and faculty at various universities and high schools. In two of the events, I spoke to mature and respectful students who paid attention to my words. In two others, the students seemed to be unable…

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Why Kids Behave Poorly

Recently, Growing Leaders teamed up with Harris Poll to discover some important insights about life in today’s culture. We surveyed 2,264 adults, ages 18 and older in June 2017. One particular insight deserves some interpretation. In the survey, young adults said they learn more from technology than from people. Nearly 3 in 5 U.S. adults…

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