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The Hidden Advantages of Staying in School

1share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn In 1942, the G.E.D. program was launched to enable World War II veterans return home after serving in the military to complete their high school education. By 1947, the state of New York allowed civilians to enroll to get their General Education Development (GED) and earn a high school diploma…

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Six Ways to Help Students Make Good Summer Decisions

11shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn With summer upon us, many parents are processing how their kids can best use their time. It’s a difficult balance to strike. Too often, a typical school year consists of mom rushing her kids through a drive-through, grabbing some chicken nuggets and hustling over to a practice or rehearsal. Multiple…

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Mental Toughness Exercises for You and Your Students (Part Two)

7shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Yesterday, I offered four simple exercises for students to grow their “grit.” Today, I will offer four more, in Part Two of the Eight Ideas to Develop Mental Toughness list. Before I do—consider the day we live in. When we reflect on the realities that Generation Z grows up with…

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The Role of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Student Athletes

11shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I just spent some time with athletic coaches from the Southeastern Conference. These are stellar people, many of whom have coached for decades. And they are coaching at the Division One level, the highest tier for student-athletes. So, I was a bit surprised when three of them spoke to me…

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Six Steps to Help Young Team Members Manage Expectations

9shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn As Generation Z moves from school to career, many of them enter their first job with different expectations than those of their employers. They want to move up the organizational chart faster than their manager believes they are ready for that move. “More than 75% of Gen Z members believe…

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Why You Should Have High Expectations of the Students You Lead

25shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I’ve written about my experience mentoring young college students in leadership back in the 1990s. I led a group of six students who chose and discussed various topics each week. I got an email from a student one evening asking who was going to choose the topic for next week’s…

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