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Eight Sticky Traits of Uncommon Leaders

22shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Years ago, I spoke at an awards banquet for a large corporation on the West Coast. A woman named Julia received an “uncommon leadership” award that evening for taking her department to an entirely new level of performance. Her team had doubled their results, year-over-year, even in the midst of…

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The Timothy Alexander Story: How He Overcame Two Tragedies

1share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Each week—leading up to Giving Tuesday—we are posting a story of a person who has experienced someone’s generosity. We call it “The Art of Generosity.” We shared the story of Truett Cathy and John Maxwell, and today, I want you to meet Timothy Alexander. Timothy has become one of my…

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Six Strategies for Building Perseverance in Students

8shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I recently listened to an interview between two neuroscientists and a group of elderly people, all over the age of 80. In the conversation, it became clear that some of these elders were losing their short-term memories and even experiencing early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. They spoke to the brain…

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The First Two Steps in a Student’s Leadership Journey

9shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn A great news story broke not long ago in Denver, Colorado. On July 15th, 23-year old Nathan Patterson was attending a Colorado Rockies ballgame. At Coors Field, like in most baseball stadiums today, there are amusements all over the stadium for fans who get bored just watching the game. They…

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Seven Steps to Help Students Create Margin and Reduce Stress

19shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Gary Davison, Principal of Lambert High School, noticed the rise in stress and anxiety levels in his students and decided to think outside of the box. When he asked students why they were so “stressed out,” many said it was because they had demands on both ends of their school…

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