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Why Colleges Should Not Drift from Their Original Mission

5shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn In forty years of teaching and leading university students, I’ve seen the college campus evolve in a tangible way. I love some of what’s happened… but mourn other changes. Many schools that were once incubators of inquiry and critical thinking — willing to debate any and all ideas — have…

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When You Change a Student, You Change the Future

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn May I tell you a great story? This year, we began working with a partner organization in the Domincan Republic, called “Global Effect.” They exist to empower local residents to bring about sustainable transformation to their communities, addressing economic, social and physical needs in those communities. A few years ago,…

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Three Balancing Acts to Perform with Today’s Young Students

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore You’ve probably noticed the new breed of students today, who bring with them new and different issues we leaders must face. Research is beginning to show that today’s teens look at money, social media, gender issues, family and careers differently than twenty-somethings do. They’re much more “out of…

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Evaluating Your Leadership: From Progress to Progressive

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore OK. Here’s a walk down memory lane. Do you remember when MySpace was the leading edge of social networking? How about when Walkmans were the leading edge of portable music? Do you remember the Palm Pilot or Blackberry? How about Prodigy or CompuServe or AOL? Each of these…

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A New Approach to Leadership: Podcast #28

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore Today I’m excited to share with you a conversation I recently had with my good friend Zach Thomas. He is an accomplished leader who studied at West Point, served as a Ranger instructor, started his own business, and now leads young people at a Chick-fil-A. We discussed a new approach…

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Two Temptations Leaders Face in Turbulent Times

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore Uncertainty. No one likes it… but every one of us faces it at one point or another. I believe it’s in times of uncertainty and trouble that leaders earn their keep. The two largest temptations leaders face in times of turbulence and uncertainty surround two paramount elements team…

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One Word that Builds Persistence in Struggling Students

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore Today, I have a special treat for you. For several years, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Dr. Carol Dweck and her groundbreaking work describing the “growth mindset.” I believe her message is one every student needs. In light of having her as a speaker at our National Leadership…

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The Best Two Questions to Ask as We Develop Students

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore In February, I led a workshop at the National “First Year Experience” conference in Dallas. Several university staff spoke to me afterward about how difficult student development has become with college freshmen. One advisor said she was viewed as a “mean and nasty” person because she suggested first-year…

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Why Technology is Not the Enemy… As Long as We Redeem It.

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore I am asked a form of this question multiple times a week: “What do I do with students’ addiction to technology?” Faculty, coaches, parents, youth workers and employers are often miffed at kids who sit with their heads down, gazing at the screen of a smart phone. Preoccupation…

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