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How to Make Your Communication Effective

4shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Google is growing up. Current CEO Sundar Pichai reported at a 2017 conference that his company is rethinking all of their products, as well as how they communicate to people. What have they concluded is a better way to communicate to both stakeholders and customers?  This may not surprise you.…

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Two Skills Every Student Needs Before Graduation

15shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn There’s an ongoing tension that educational leaders constantly feel on their jobs. Almost every educator I interact with these days faces a tension between two realities: The need to teach to the test, so students score high enough to get funding. The desire to prepare students to be life and…

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Four Practices That Naturally Develop Leaders

8shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I am honored to announce that The Growing Leaders Initiative has been named a top five finalist in the Southeast region for the 2019 True Inspiration Award. Voting is now open. Help The Growing Leaders Initiative continue to make a difference in the local community and internationally by voting. Thank…

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