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Five Steps to Lead Students Wisely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

25shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn What most of us assumed would go away in a matter of days in China, has become a global pandemic, according to the World Health Organization. The Coronavirus is now headline news on every major network and on social media feeds everywhere. We can’t escape it. Sarah Sparks, reporter…

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My Favorite Books I Read Last Year

12shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Almost every year, I post a handful of my favorite books I read the previous year. As you can see below, my list for 2019 was heavily weighted with leadership books, not just organizational, but personal leadership. The styles vary, and so do the authors. These are the books…

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Five Steps to Reverse a Sense of Entitlement

34shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I had the most intriguing experience on the road this year while speaking at a private, elite high school. The school was located in a wealthy suburb. I was astonished by the beautiful, expensive cars the students drove to school. Some who didn’t drive themselves took an Uber. Every…

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