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Our Gift to You to Celebrate 15 Years

It’s stunning to remember what the world looked like fifteen years ago. It was in 2003, I launched “Growing Leaders”–a not-for-profit that partners with schools and organizations to resource them in building emerging leaders who are ready for life. Reflect on 2003. The Internet was only about 10 years old and some still wondered if…

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One Secret to Bringing Out the Best in Students

I recently met with my friend, Zach Thomas, to talk about his story. Not long ago, he released a book called, Leader Farming. He compares good leaders to farmers who constantly cultivate the people under their care as potential leaders. He reminded me that much of what he does he learned at West Point. You…

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What Generation Z Is Looking for in Leaders

Have you heard the terms, “Finsta” and “Rinsta?” They represent a fresh vocabulary for a new generation that wants more privacy on-line than previous generations: Finsta is a term for fake or friendly Instagram accounts. They allow a teen to have an unreal platform to post but not get caught up in real interaction. Rinsta…

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Four Guidelines to Making Critical Decisions

In recent surveys done by the Barna Group, Americans of all ages are feeling a divide. While millions of us cannot agree on many issues today—we do seem to agree on one issue: the generations are colliding. Many of the colleges and high schools we partner with have four generations on campus: Baby Boomers, Generation…

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Choosing the Right Goals This Year

The month of January is named after the Greek god, Janus, who had two heads: one that faced backwards and one that looked forward. It makes sense, doesn’t it? The beginning of our year is always an excellent time to reflect on the past year and set goals to hit in the upcoming year. But,…

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