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Educators: The Most Important Leadership Trait You Can Teach This Year

25shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn A young couple recently moved into a new house. While eating breakfast their first morning, the young woman saw her neighbor hanging her wash on the clothesline in her backyard. “That laundry looks dirty. She doesn’t know how to wash correctly. Maybe she needs better detergent,” remarked the wife.…

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Three Myths About Leadership We Must Help Students Discard

7shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn For decades now, leadership professors and leader development specialists have categorized leadership using an uppercase letter: Leader, verses a lowercase letter: leader. This is helpful in determining how different people influence a team. First, those who appear to be natural leaders, often in positions of authority, are Leaders. The…

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Five Tips for Accelerating Growth through Feedback

10shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn The ability to think about yourself from the outside in, like a camera observing from a corner of the room, is a distinctly human capacity. But unless you are actually watching a recording of yourself, the ability to get an accurate outside perspective is limited. You can’t even hear…

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Five Brilliant Leadership Lessons From the Protests in Louisville

30shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn One of the most moving stories emerging from the protests against police brutality, and on behalf of George Floyd (and others) who’ve been victims of racists cops, was a story out of the protests in Louisville, Kentucky in response to the killing of Breonna Taylor. Officer Galen Hinshaw heard…

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How to Lead Generation Z When You’re Not in Charge

6shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Leading is never easy–especially when you don’t have a badge. And it can be even tougher when you attempt to lead students. By this, I mean gaining authority in a teen’s life is an accomplishment, especially if you have no title or position of leadership. Consider this case study…

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How Student Leadership is Morphing for Generation Z

21shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn “I see leadership differently than my parent’s generation does.” Those are the words of Brandon, a college sophomore, who ended his semester at home when the entire student body at Vanderbilt University left due to COVID-19. The coronavirus is changing us, and Brandon believes it is only accelerating a…

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Five Steps to Lead Students Wisely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

25shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn What most of us assumed would go away in a matter of days in China, has become a global pandemic, according to the World Health Organization. The Coronavirus is now headline news on every major network and on social media feeds everywhere. We can’t escape it. Sarah Sparks, reporter…

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