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Re-Defining the High School Experience

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I just interviewed Leslie Smith, Head of School for Orange Lutheran High School in Orange County, California. Leslie and her incredible staff have become dear friends over the past three years—and we just honored her with our 2016 Growing Leaders Award for her work in cultivating a leadership culture on…

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Are You a Coach or a Teacher?

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore Years ago, legendary basketball coach John Wooden told people that he didn’t see himself as a coach as much as a teacher. He referred to himself as an educator, and the game of basketball was merely a platform to instruct his athletes about winning in life. He succeeded…

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The Rise of Visual Intelligence

3shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Developmental psychologists have reminded us for years that people learn in different ways. Students, for instance, may be auditory learners, visual learners or kinesthetic learners—but all have to sit in the same classroom with a teacher who cannot possibly invest the time to specialize in each learning style. In fact,…

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The Case for Well Rounded Kids

11shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore We live in a day when adults are pushing kids to discover their strengths and focus their lives. Thanks to the Gallup organization and author Marcus Buckingham, we have learned to concentrate on building strengths and to only play in that space. Not surprisingly, this has caused parents…

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Two Paths to Preparing for a Career

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn All of our lives, we’ve heard stories of people who are “outliers.” Men and women who dropped out of college (or never attended in the first place) and made their mark on the world anyway—people like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Ted Turner, Walt Disney, Wolfgang Puck……

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Ready or Not—Here Comes My Career!

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I just finished a broadcast for Georgia Public Radio, where I conversed with Bobbie Battista about orienting Millennials into the workforce. It was lively because we had two Millennials with us in the studio—Tina and Adrian. (They are both members of Generation iY, the younger half of the millennial population).…

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One Way To Motivate Students to Go to Class


0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore OK—this topic is worth discussion and debate. After reading an article about a new app for parents, teachers, and college students, I felt mixed emotions. Do you remember your college days? How many classes did you skip? If you’re like most university students, it’s more than you can…

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Four Shifts That Mark a Generation of Free Agents

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Back in 1969, Curt Flood, centerfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals, ushered in “free agency” for professional ballplayers. Up until that year, players were bound to a team for life by the so-called “reserve clause”. Simply put, a player was a team’s property. But thanks to Curt Flood’s lawsuit, players…

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