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“In Other Words” – Why is Teaching with Images so Effective? (Part 1)

65shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Over a period of five days, I plan to blog about the research and history behind the idea of teaching with pictures. It’s actually quite fascinating, and sets up our release of three Habitudes® resources this month. Yesterday, we took a brief look at history and how cultures engaged their…

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Seven Emotions That Follow a Sense of Entitlement

55shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore A few short years ago, corporate executives were asked what single word best describes the recent college graduates entering their workplace. The word they selected? Entitled. Interestingly, when recent graduates were asked to guess what descriptive word these executives had chosen that begins with the letter “e,” they…

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12 Must Read Leadership Books for Young Adults

71shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn As I travel and speak to college students, I’m often asked what are the best books for a young leader to read. Years ago, I created a list of “Must Reads” for established leaders, but below, I list what I consider great reads for emerging leaders—teens and twenty-somethings who aspire…

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How to Make Your Communication Effective

4shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Google is growing up. Current CEO Sundar Pichai reported at a 2017 conference that his company is rethinking all of their products, as well as how they communicate to people. What have they concluded is a better way to communicate to both stakeholders and customers?  This may not surprise you.…

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Five Hints for Starting Your Career Well

4shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Some time ago, our team received a note describing an all too frequent scenario: I am a 23-year-old male, single (recently dumped), employed as a restaurant server, a former high school soccer athlete, and an intermediate violinist. I identify as an agnostic and I plan on returning to school part-time…

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Five Gifts Athletes Need From Coaches

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Recently, I had the opportunity to share with the NACDA (National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics) community the following thoughts. I wanted to share them with you as well… I made an observation some time ago that’s been confirmed over and over, among student athletes. Most want to be “seen”…

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