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Three Common Missteps Leaders Must Avoid

3shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I read two articles recently that caught my attention. They did so because each published a report illustrating a moral failure that 21st-century leaders commit far too often. In fact, we hear stories like this every year. I believe our problem is—we value production over principles. Ford Knew Their Cars…

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What We Can Learn from the Perry Preschool Project

8shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Recently, I wrote about James Heckman who evaluated the GED Program results after five decades and recorded his findings. Heckman is an economist and a 2000 Nobel Peace Prize Winner from the University of Chicago. He noticed that even young adults who earned their GED (General Education Development) were quitting…

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Five Errors Parents Must Correct to Prepare Generation Z for a Career

17shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn A friend of mine sent me a Twitter thread that vividly illustrates the need for better leadership in our homes. I will keep the people involved anonymous, as the story you’re about to read borders on unbelievable. It happened recently at a workplace and involved a supervisor and her young…

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The Danger of Single Sport Athletes

28shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Parents have made another shift in a single generation. While parents raising Millennials became famous for giving trophies or ribbons to their children just for participating, parents of Generation Z (often Millennial parents) have pushed their kids to the other extreme, driving them to compete at a high level from…

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Leading Adolescents Through the Paradox of Their Teenage Years

9shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Teenagers experience a strange paradox. During adolescence kids feel two chemical tugs on their heart that can seem contradictory. On the one hand, they feel pulled toward independence and autonomy as their brains are being pruned and they seek to find their unique place in society. It’s during this period…

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The Importance of Radical Independence

1share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn This week, Americans celebrate our anniversary as a nation. But did you know that when the initial battles in the Revolutionary War broke out in April 1775, few colonists desired complete independence from Great Britain, and those who did were considered radical. Although some politicians advocated independence from England—the average American, from…

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What Emotion-Reading Technology Means for Us

10shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn You may not believe this—but word just got out that Inc. is working on a smart device that can read human emotions. That’s right. This is not science fiction. In fact, the technology may be able to discern your emotional or personal needs before you do. An example of…

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Mental Toughness Exercises for You and Your Students (Part Two)

7shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Yesterday, I offered four simple exercises for students to grow their “grit.” Today, I will offer four more, in Part Two of the Eight Ideas to Develop Mental Toughness list. Before I do—consider the day we live in. When we reflect on the realities that Generation Z grows up with…

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