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Tim Elmore

On Leading the Next Generation



Four Traits of a Self-Care School

2shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn The Associated Press recently reviewed, data from more than three dozen public universities and discovered what I’ve suspected for years. The number of students seeking treatment for mental health problems has almost doubled in the past five years, while overall enrollment has stayed about the same. Did you catch that?…

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Four Ways Parents Reduce Gratitude in Their Kids

25shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I recently witnessed three teenage girls at a shopping village with their mom. They were Christmas shopping and completely caught up in the season. As they interacted, I heard the teens getting louder and louder. Without trying, I began to hear what they were talking about. Each of them…

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The Timothy Alexander Story: How He Overcame Two Tragedies

0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Each week—leading up to Giving Tuesday—we are posting a story of a person who has experienced someone’s generosity. We call it “The Art of Generosity.” We shared the story of Truett Cathy and John Maxwell, and today, I want you to meet Timothy Alexander. Timothy has become one of…

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Seven Symptoms of an Under-Functioning Parent

31shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn It almost seems as if today’s parents can be divided into subsets, depending on how they approach their duties. We’ve all heard about the “snowplow” or the “lawnmower” parents—these are intrusive moms and dads who plow or mow down any obstacle in the way of their child’s progress. According…

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It’s Time to Evaluate Your Parenting Style

17shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I recently had the privilege of meeting with parents and grandparents to discuss parenting styles across the country and through the years. As you might imagine, we laughed a lot at how times have changed—and how parenting methods and priorities have shifted as well. We had four generations represented…

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