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How Adult Arguments Impact Kids and What to Do

29shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I recently witnessed a high school freshman “act out” in a gymnasium after an assembly. It was both sad and embarrassing for him. Everyone was stunned during that awkward moment and the student left absolutely humiliated. Later that day, I got the serendipitous chance to interact with him. Perhaps…

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Four Ways to Refuel This Summer

0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn So many leaders today seek a life of balance. For years, we’ve discussed the elusive work/life balance—and I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who perfectly achieved it. Balance as we understood it doesn’t exist. No one perfectly divides his or her life into equal slices. Instead, life ebbs…

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Three Phases that Make Learning Stick: Podcast #45

0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Today, I’m excited to share with you a conversation with Dr. Britt Andreatta. Andreatta is an internationally recognized thought leader, author, and speaker on learning and leadership. She will also be a speaker at our upcoming National Leadership Forum 2017. Here are some highlights from our conversation. Tim Elmore: In your first…

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The GROW Model: A Simple Plan for Personal Growth

0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn My friend, Kyle Stark, recently sent this article to me and I felt it was worth repeating. It’s a simple plan for personal growth, on the job, with your family, or even with your students. It’s called the “GROW” model, and it comes from James Manktelow and Amy Carlson.…

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How Adults Sabotage a Growth Mindset in Students

0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I just read some research that gave me pause. Did you know that parents who view failure as a “negative experience,” have kids who are more likely to believe that intelligence is fixed and can’t be increased? I don’t think that’s something we want to cultivate, is it? When…

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