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Generation Z

Helping Generation Z Use Self-Awareness to Create Self-Confidence

8shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn It didn’t take long for people to recognize that Babe Ruth was a special athlete. The Sultan of Swat was a natural baseball player, better at hitting and pitching than most ballplayers in his time. In fact, at one point, a researcher from Columbia University coaxed him to undergo…

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How to Help Generation Z Redefine Resilience and Overcome Life’s Challenges

13shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I’ve been white water rafting twice in my life, once in California and once in Colorado. It’s completely different from the lazy river rafting I’ve enjoyed on the Chattahoochee River near Atlanta. When rafting on the rapids, I don’t go out without an experienced guide who knows how to…

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How to Prepare Gen Z for the ‘New Normal’ After the Pandemic

10shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn When I was a young kid, seat belts were introduced to automobiles. I remember in 1968 when the federal government made them mandatory. At first, they were only lap belts with no strap across the chest. People claimed they hindered movement and wrinkled their clothes. It was a strange…

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Five Ingredients to Help Students Recover Following a Pandemic

15shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn The population of young people, ages 16 to 24, were already facing mental health problems. Now they feel delayed by COVID-19, and it has added to their anxiety levels. This portion of Generation Z and Millennials are disadvantaged. While it sounds strong, many of them feel: Postponed Pushed aside…

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How Three Young Leaders Went Beyond Boasting and Posting to Hosting

2shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn As sad as they are, I find that treasures often emerge after a tragedy. That’s exactly what we’ve seen in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder at the hands of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Over the last several weeks, the whole world has witnessed protesters, mostly young…

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How to Lead Generation Z When You’re Not in Charge

6shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Leading is never easy–especially when you don’t have a badge. And it can be even tougher when you attempt to lead students. By this, I mean gaining authority in a teen’s life is an accomplishment, especially if you have no title or position of leadership. Consider this case study…

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How Student Leadership is Morphing for Generation Z

21shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn “I see leadership differently than my parent’s generation does.” Those are the words of Brandon, a college sophomore, who ended his semester at home when the entire student body at Vanderbilt University left due to COVID-19. The coronavirus is changing us, and Brandon believes it is only accelerating a…

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