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Generation Z

 Seven Ideas to Overcoming the Cinderella Syndrome   

15shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore    Seven Ideas to Overcoming the Cinderella Syndrome    In 1989, I first heard the term Cinderella Syndrome. This complex refers to a psychological condition in which a woman fears true independence and secretly expects a “knight in shining armor” (or Prince Charming) to come along and take care…

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Changing the Way We See Our Students

6shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore   Like so many other districts, the Northwest School District in Missouri faced a shortage of employees. It’s actually happening all over the country in almost every industry. “Help Wanted” signs go unanswered as fewer Americans want to take on lower-paying jobs in light of a pandemic. In…

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How to Help Students Beat Stress and Welcome Pressure

13shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore       Jana Davidson teaches seventh-grade science and tenth-grade biology. Every day, she observes students entering her classroom feeling stressed out. Many of them feel overwhelmed. Anxiety has been normalized thanks to social media and a pandemic. When I asked Ms. Davidson how she helps her…

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Ever Heard of the Blackout Challenge? How Social Media Is Changing Peer Pressure and What to Do About It

6shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore I remember feeling tangible peer pressure in high school. Friends pushed me to smoke cigarettes and marijuana, drink beer, and be sexually active. This was not uncommon in the 1970s. Culture was morphing from traditional to rebellious as baby boomers and Gen Xers pushed boundaries and listened…

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Overcoming the Most Common Mistake Educators Make Leading Generation Z

18shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore In 2010, Christopher Havens was sure he’d hit rock bottom. That year, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison for murder. Soon after, a fight earned Havens time in a solitary confinement cell at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, Washington. When he arrived at…

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What the GameStop Market Surge Teaches Us About Generation Z & Millennials

5shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore For years, younger generations have been the brunt of jokes by older generations who felt they were immature, lazy slackers who moved back home after college. A Twitter hashtag called, #HowToConfuseAMillennial even went viral, as social media posts often do. Some samples are: Show them a phone…

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Helping Generation Z Use Self-Awareness to Create Self-Confidence

17shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn It didn’t take long for people to recognize that Babe Ruth was a special athlete. The Sultan of Swat was a natural baseball player, better at hitting and pitching than most ballplayers in his time. In fact, at one point, a researcher from Columbia University coaxed him to undergo an…

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