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Generation Y

How The Last Five Generations Have Changed Us

Folks talk a lot today about Millennials. For that matter, we’ve talked about younger generations ever since the Baby Boomers introduced the “generation gap” in the 1960s. The unique realities each generation faces as they come of age (shared tragedies, heroes, milestones, music, television shows and economy) shape us into the people we are as…

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6 Questions We Must Answer in 2017

In 2017, many of our challenges will be obvious. Problems like hunger, poverty, slavery and war will require our best effort and our brightest students. The problem for those of us who lead the next generation, however, is that there are other, less obvious, problems too. As this year comes to a close, I think…

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Adulting: The New Course Students Need

If you’re around teens or twenty-somethings, you’ve probably noticed they’ve adopted a new verb. It’s an action word called, “adulting.” It’s all about the migration from a kid-mindset to an adult-mindset. And for a majority of students today, it’s a huge step. Survey results on young adults in their 20s or 30s were just released. The…

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The Most Important Reason We Must Empower Students

I just spoke with some chapter advisors for two fraternities. Both were fellow alum and remembered the “good ol’ days,” when Greek Houses were in full swing. Interestingly, both of these men were baffled over a pattern in today’s student members. They noticed current students merely wanted to repeat what’s been done in the past.…

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Five New Insights on Today’s Teens And Young Adults: Podcast #31

Today, I want to share with you a conversation I had with Andrew McPeak, our newest team member at Growing Leaders. Andrew is our new Research & Content Developer and a member of our Creative Writing Team. Along with being a millennial himself, Andrew’s experiences with several nonprofits have led him to become well-versed in…

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Here Come the Teens—a Bit More Jaded and Cynical

Follow @TimElmore (The following post contains graphic language describing crude teen behavior.) I’ve been writing about Generation Z for some time now. They are the newest population of students measured today. And they are a different breed. Fifteen years ago, we began to hear about the Millennials. They were graduating high school and showing passion…

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