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Four Reasons Why You Must Learn to Communicate

One of my greatest concerns for the teachers, coaches, employers and youth pastors we work with across the world is simply this: We think we are communicating with our young people…but we aren’t. In nationwide surveys, results continue to show that teachers assume they are successful at transmitting information in the classroom, while the students…

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The Future in a Word


I have been speaking to faculty, administrators, deans and parents this last year about Generation iY, the second half of Generation Y. They are the young people born since 1990. Our research reveals there’s been a measurable shift between the kids born in the 80s and the ones born since 1990. What will Generation iY’s…

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Write it down

Today’s blog is a guest post from Brenda Coomer, a leadership coach from Tulsa, OK. I hope you are as challenged by her words as I was!   I have a 13-year-old client (we’ll call her Amy) who had a life-altering event 2 years ago.  She was on vacation with her family, when their vehicle…

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A Better Story

When I talk with parents, teachers or youth workers about their frustrations, they often mention how difficult it is to engage students today. It takes a lot to “wow” them and get them interested. Further, it’s challenging to hold their attention and make them want to stay involved. I wonder, however, if the answer lies…

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Our Changing Times: Internet Beats Interface Time

A new report was just released by Cisco, worldwide. It focused on the social life of young adults, both college students (ages 18-23) and professionals under age thirty.The bottom line? Social life is becoming less about personal interaction and more about being connected to the Internet. In fact, according to the research, getting on the…

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Did We Keep the Wrong Score Card?

Have you kept up with the latest research on graduates, and how they’re doing in the workplace?  I just met with the executive staff of the Georgia Department of Education and we both are concerned. Somehow, regardless of how well we improve students’ math and reading scores—there is still a skill gap when they move…

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