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New Study Shows the Language Young Millennials Prefer

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn The results of a survey were just released from M.I.T. Miro Kazakoff, a managerial communications lecturer at MIT and his co-author, Dr. Kara Blackburn, surveyed 311 students in their incoming MBA class. It produced some clear distinctions in young adults—those who are the youngest Millennials. Here are some of the…

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New Survey: Millennials Learn More from Technology Than from People

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn In June of 2017, our organization, Growing Leaders, collaborated with Harris Poll to conduct a survey and discover the perspectives of various generations in the U.S. The survey looked at how different generations feel prepared for adult life; whether they had/have an adult mentor preparing them for adulthood; how overwhelmed…

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How Generation X, Y, and Z Across the World See Leadership Differently

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Today, there are more generations working together than at any point in modern history, primarily because people are living and working longer than in the past. Recently, “Universum” surveyed three generations of current and future employees to study their needs, views, and competencies relating to workplace leadership. They analyzed responses…

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How The Last Five Generations Have Changed Us

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Folks talk a lot today about Millennials. For that matter, we’ve talked about younger generations ever since the Baby Boomers introduced the “generation gap” in the 1960s. The unique realities each generation faces as they come of age (shared tragedies, heroes, milestones, music, television shows and economy) shape us into…

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Adulting: The New Course Students Need

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn If you’re around teens or twenty-somethings, you’ve probably noticed they’ve adopted a new verb. It’s an action word called, “adulting.” It’s all about the migration from a kid-mindset to an adult-mindset. And for a majority of students today, it’s a huge step. Survey results on young adults in their 20s…

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A New Approach to Managing Millennials in the Workforce: Podcast #39


Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Today, I’m excited to share with you a conversation with Geoff Goodman, President of Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt. Having held other executive positions for Bruster’s Ice Cream and Cici’s Pizza, Geoff has a whole new stance on how to manage and lead the next generation. Here are some of the…

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