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Drinking From a Fire Hydrant

1share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore Last Friday, we took our Growing Leaders team to Leadercast, a simulcast event broadcast live to over 100,000 leaders worldwide. The lineup was spectacular — each speaker focused on one element of bravery and its role in effective leadership. From Seth Godin to Peyton Manning to Rudy Giuliani,…

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Why Leadership Comes with a Microphone

2shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I’m excited to share a guest blog from Jeff Henderson, one of our speakers at our 2015 National Leadership Forum. Jeff is the founder of PRIMED, a company created to teach presenters how to be primed and ready for their next presentation. He has worked with leaders in both the for-profit…

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Four Truths About Spirituality and Faith on Campus

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn This fall, a study was released informing us of how U.S. college students view faith, religion, morality, and spirituality. Trinity College, in Hartford, CT, best known for their “American Religious Identification Survey,” partnered with the secular non-profit Center for Inquiry and asked students about their spiritual, moral, and political views.…

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Are You Seeing Artificial Maturity in Your Students?

Artificial Maturity

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn The following article is a taste of my new book, Artificial Maturity: Helping Kids Meet the Challenge of Becoming Authentic Adults. It is a sequel to Generation iY: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future, and is literally a solution book for the challenges we face as we teach, lead…

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How Much Do You Believe?

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I have been asking myself a question for years that I’d like to ask you. How much do you have to believe in something before you talk to someone about it? Seriously. That question is a great grid for determining how deeply you believe in an idea or a principle…

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