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Ban Facebook or Build Leaders: How Education Can Bridge the Gap Between Social Media & Social-Emotional Learning

3shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore I never thought I’d see this day. The government of the Solomon Islands, a nation of hundreds of individual islands in the South Pacific, is planning to ban the entire Facebook platform, ABC Australia reports. Yep — this is no joke. Facebook will be banned from an…

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Four Secrets to Virtually Approach Social and Emotional Learning

9shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore Have you ever heard of BeauTubers? This is a term describing beauty-YouTubers. A beauty YouTuber, commonly referred to as a beauty vlogger, beauty guru, beauty influencer, or Beautuber, is a person who creates and posts videos to YouTube about cosmetics, fashion, hair-styling, nail art, and other beauty-related…

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The Importance of Developing Emotionally Intelligent Schools and Homes

9shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I was stunned to hear what had happened at Stanley Middle School in Lafayette, California. Seventh-grader Merek Mastrov, who is 12 years old, missed a total of 90 minutes of Zoom classroom time. What step did the school take in response?  Merek’s dad got a letter saying his son was…

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Four Reasons Why a Gap Year Might be the Best Way for Students to Build SEL Skills (Even During a Pandemic)

10shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Today’s blog post is from Steve Moore. Steve is an author, speaker, and president of Growing Leaders. I came across an interesting letter written by a father on behalf of his discouraged son: Please forgive a father who is so bold as to turn to you…in the interest of his…

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The Secret to Starting Real-Life Conversations with Your Students

6shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I made a discovery recently. The schools that experience the toughest challenges with a remote learning model (or even a hybrid schedule) are the ones that continue to push for keeping academic scores high, at the expense of everything else. I asked a teacher recently how her remote learning experience…

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