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Why Kids Behave Poorly

Recently, Growing Leaders teamed up with Harris Poll to discover some important insights about life in today’s culture. We surveyed 2,264 adults, ages 18 and older in June 2017. One particular insight deserves some interpretation. In the survey, young adults said they learn more from technology than from people. Nearly 3 in 5 U.S. adults…

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Four Changes That Will Win the Heart of Generation Z Students

Ours is a world where students are savvy and aware—and very difficult to “wow.” Many are well-informed, well-entertained and have already traveled to places we never traveled until we were well into our adult lives. They scroll through their phones looking for something that will capture their interest. Due to over-exposure to information some have…

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The Fastest Trick to Develop Student Leaders

Last March, a university dean faced a shortage of resident advisors for the following school year. He needed to recruit students to offer oversight to hall floors, each having about fifty-eight fellow students. It’s no small feat, but R.A.’s usually get a healthy stipend for doing it, and sometimes their entire tuition is covered for…

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Why Daily Silence Makes Students Smarter

Hear ye, hear ye! All educators, coaches, parents—and certainly students—need to ponder and digest the latest research on the topic of silence. Silence can grow your brain. I am not kidding. A 2013 study monitored the effect of “sound” versus “silence” on mice. What researchers discovered was profound. When exposed to two hours of silence…

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Why Straight A’s Hurt Today’s Students

The report is in for last year’s grade point averages of American students. After reviewing it—I’d say it’s good news and bad news. The good news is, more high school students are getting A’s on their report card. The bad news is, students may not really be learning something. Why would I say that? According…

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Five Decisions Every Freshman Needs to Make

As a new school year launches, it dawned on me that first year students are about to enter an entirely new experience, and meet peers in a new environment for them. It’s decision time. During the first month of the fall semester, routines are established. It’s then that so many students default to making poor…

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