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What Parents and Students Should Look for in Colleges and Majors

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Most of the high school seniors that I talk to tell me they aren’t sure what they want to do when they graduate. Some will declare a major course of study for college but even they will concede, “I’ll have to see if it feels right once I start.” Others…

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Are We Sending Students the Wrong Message?

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Reports have surfaced recently that some universities are disbanding “outdoor clubs” that have been going on for nearly a century. Why? They are too unsafe. For a century, these student-led outdoor clubs have enabled college students to get outside for hiking, biking, fishing and climbing. Today, however, all of these…

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How Adult Arguments Impact Kids and What to Do

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I recently witnessed a high school freshman “act out” in a gymnasium after an assembly. It was both sad and embarrassing for him. Everyone was stunned during that awkward moment and the student left absolutely humiliated. Later that day, I got the serendipitous chance to interact with him. Perhaps because…

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The Unfortunate Result of Some Graduations

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Well, ‘tis the season. Graduation is here for seniors at high schools and colleges. It’s that time when we celebrate the milestone of completing a phase of life requiring both performance and consistency—from faculty, staff and students. But what does our celebration reveal about us? We live in a day…

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