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Four Paradoxes in Successful Learning Environments

Educator Tim Walker just reminded me about what really works when teaching students. Like many other U.S. teachers, Walker thought the schools in Finland sounded almost “mythical.” The rejection of high-stakes testing, a curriculum based on critical thinking and problem-solving, smaller classes, and time reserved for collaboration between teachers – these are just few of the pillars…

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How to Lead a Student You Just Don’t Understand

I recently spoke to a collection of high school and college students who most would describe as “unconventional.” They wore very different clothing, sported piercings in a variety of places on their body, as well as tattoos that covered a lot of real estate. As we discussed their social and political views, some of them…

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Four Paradoxes Today’s Students Experience

Sophie, a 17-year old junior in high school, said it best: “I think I would have preferred growing up in the 90s.” Today’s teens are the newest demographic with a label. They’re called Generation Z, the Centennials, The Pivotals, the iGeneration, the Mosaics and the Homelanders. According to British news source The Guardian, “They’ve grown…

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The Quality That Develops Initiative in Students

I watched as a Dean for Residence Life spoke to a college student recently. The dean was concerned about the lack of initiative the student was showing while serving as a Resident Advisor in her hall. The conversation went something like this: Dean: Why didn’t you talk to your residents about the electrical problem? Student:…

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