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The Secret to Leading Poorly Performing Students Well

5shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn If you’re like me, you’ve attended countless webinars on leading students during a pandemic. You’ve probably read so many articles on COVID-19 you feel like a cross between a therapist and a physician’s assistant. You’ve likely been on video calls so much your eyes are blurry and you’ve contracted…

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Helping Generation Z Use Self-Awareness to Create Self-Confidence

8shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn It didn’t take long for people to recognize that Babe Ruth was a special athlete. The Sultan of Swat was a natural baseball player, better at hitting and pitching than most ballplayers in his time. In fact, at one point, a researcher from Columbia University coaxed him to undergo…

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Educators: The Most Important Leadership Trait You Can Teach This Year

25shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn A young couple recently moved into a new house. While eating breakfast their first morning, the young woman saw her neighbor hanging her wash on the clothesline in her backyard. “That laundry looks dirty. She doesn’t know how to wash correctly. Maybe she needs better detergent,” remarked the wife.…

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Two Ideas to Enable Students to Engage and Retain a Virtual Lesson

26shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Public education has been founded upon memorization and testing for over a century. While we all agree we must do more than drill our students to memorize curriculum, remembering information will always play a role in learning. Today, millions of teachers face an even more arduous task of doing…

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What Parents and Teachers Can Do That Google Cannot Do

18shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Many parents fret that they’re not having the same conversations with their children that they did with their parents when they were kids. Teachers fret that engaging students in the classroom is tougher today because they compete against YouTube, Netflix, and Tik Tok. Coaches and youth workers fret that…

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How this Pandemic Could Change School for the Better

11shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Most of us have mourned what the COVID-19 quarantine has stolen from our teens. Less class time, more screen time, more boredom, and both students and teachers who are uncomfortable with the new normal. Many traditions were removed like sports games, recitals, school plays, proms, and marching bands on…

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Why Social-Emotional Learning Should Be a Top Priority When Going Back to School

9shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tomas Macaluso is a principal at North Valleys High School in Reno, Nevada. He and his team have become passionate about establishing social and emotional learning into the 2,200 students who attend NVHS. While Tomas knows academics are important, he is committed to graduating students who are ready for…

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