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Why Social-Emotional Learning Should Be a Top Priority When Going Back to School

8shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tomas Macaluso is a principal at North Valleys High School in Reno, Nevada. He and his team have become passionate about establishing social and emotional learning into the 2,200 students who attend NVHS. While Tomas knows academics are important, he is committed to graduating students who are ready for…

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Why Some Nations Are Figuring Out How to Open Schools

7shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn We’ve actually heard some good news from European countries like Denmark, Germany, Austria, and Norway. These nations have figured out ways to reopen their schools, some as early as mid-April and early May, without seeing significant increases in COVID-19 cases. And, according to the New York Times, “Experts are…

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Five Ideas to Overcome the Challenge of Virtual Learning This Fall

16shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Most of us weren’t quite sure what would happen when the nationwide quarantine was mandated and both parents and their kids found themselves attempting to work from home. What we now realize is that those students and their parents agree on one thing: Virtual learning didn’t work too well.…

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Five Changes Schools Plan to Make This Fall

2shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn At Growing Leaders, we have the privilege of interacting with lots of school administrators, athletic directors, and department heads. Obviously, with such a strange spring semester behind us, these leaders are planning for a new normal this fall.  No one I have spoken with plans for life to go…

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Seven Practical Strategies to Talk About Mental Health with Your Kids

9shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Even though mental health issues are on the forefront of our minds today, the topic still carries a stigma for many. Talking about depression can be hard. Trina, a sophomore in college, recently said to me, “We look around us and everyone else seems happy, and we feel we…

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