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How to Help a Student Who Just Lost their Senior Year

7shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Members of our team at Growing Leaders went and asked students how they’re handling the quarantine. One group of high school seniors offered the most telling insights on their final year of school: “It’s definitely not how I’ve pictured it all these years. I’m missing my senior track season,…

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The Six P’s of an Amazing School Culture

3shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I just finished reviewing my notes on colleges and secondary schools I’ve observed since 2005. The schools are located in Singapore, Canada, England, Germany, Egypt, India, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States. I’ve listed below the “best practices” in those schools. Obviously, a key requirement when applying best practices…

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New Study: Students Who Can Manage Emotions Do Better Academically and In Life

20shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn It was a tense moment in the classroom, as two students saw each other’s grades after a mid-term exam. Lamar and Jason had both studied hard, so it was crushing for Lamar to see that he’d gotten 78 percent on his test, and Jason had scored 93 percent. Jason…

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What We Can Learn from the Summerhill School Experiment

5shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Back in 1921, a radical experiment was launched in the United Kingdom. It was a school, if you can call it that, that was so unorthodox, it instantly created debate and controversy. It was called the Summerhill School experiment. Began by Scottish educator, Alexander Sutherland Neill, this school empowers…

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Teaching Students Subjects That Don’t Come Natural for Them

8shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn One of the most frustrating experiences for a teacher or a parent is trying to teach something to a young person—something we know will help them succeed later—and finding them unresponsive. It matters not what the subject is: Math Reading Science Changing a tire Work ethic Writing and communication…

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