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Navigating “Compassion Fatigue” as We Enter a New School Year

66shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore I met with fourteen C-suite-level leaders recently. They were from different industries, different age groups, different genders; but they all had something in common. When I asked them if leading people was more difficult today than it was when they first became leaders, each responded affirmatively.  “Absolutely!”…

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The Comeback School: How to Be Ready When Classes Begin Again

45shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore The news headlines were dramatic: Schools debate on whether to shut down or to stay open; students struggle with quarantine boundaries; children and teachers are expected to wear masks as infections continue to soar. Sound familiar? Did you know those headlines were from the Spanish Flu in…

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Helping Students Strike a Balance Between Inclusion and Diversity

19shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore Did you hear how Columbia University handled their graduation ceremonies? No, I’m not referring to mask-wearing or social distancing. I’m talking about the administration’s decision to host six separate graduation ceremonies, based on the graduates’ income level, race, ethnicities, and gender preferences. My concern has nothing to…

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How One Group of Student Leaders Found a Way to Manage Mental Health at Their School

74shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore I recently spoke at the 2021 Cobb County Student Leadership Academy awards event. Students were present, often with their parents and teachers, to learn about leadership and be recognized for what they’d achieved beyond academics this year. Pope High School was one school that was highlighted. Student…

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Three Steps To Practice Mindfulness During Testing Season And Teach It To Your Students

5shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Nautrie Jones 100% Virtual. 100% In-Person Learning. Hybrid. Synchronous. Asynchronous. If you are in any field relating to education, it is likely that both you and your students are quite familiar with one or all of these terms. This past year has been a challenge for us all. Students…

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