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The Future of Universities in America

I’d like to host a conversation with you, and others who read this article. I want to talk about the future of higher education—post secondary schooling that prepares students for not only their careers but for adult life. Is it currently changing? Yes. Is it changing quickly enough? Many would say, no. “Not enough people…

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What Happens When Students Lead a School

Weeks ago, Robert C. McNair (founder and owner of the Houston Texans), got in trouble when he spoke his mind about the NFL players who protested during the national anthem. He said, “We can’t let the inmates run the prison.” Oops. Poor choice of words. His statement didn’t go over well with most of those…

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Do You Lower the Standard or Lower Your Goal?

The U.S. Army made a change in their recruiting standards last August. They did not announce it publicly, they just quietly modified a standard for acceptance. According to a report in USA Today, “People with a history of self-mutilation, bipolar disorder, depression, and drug and alcohol abuse can now seek waivers to join the Army…

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Why Messaging Matters: Podcast #53

Today I’m excited to share with you a conversation with William Parker. William Parker is the Executive Director of Oklahoma’s Association of Secondary and Middle Level Principals. He has been an educator since 1993 and he recently released his second book, Messaging Matters. Here are some highlights from our conversation. Tim Elmore: So many times…

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The Future Proof Skills Your Students Need: Podcast #52

Today I’m excited to share with you a conversation with Andrew McPeak. Andrew is a next gen researcher, speaker, and writer for Growing Leaders. He also is the coauthor of our newest book, Marching Off the Map. Here are some highlights from our conversation. Andrew McPeak: The future, sometimes, can be a scary thought. It’s especially scary for…

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Four Qualities of an Outstanding School

Change is in the wind when it comes to higher education in America. And it is changing the way both schools and students navigate a post-secondary education. Let’s start with tuition. Recently, The Wall Street Journal carried an article about how U.S. college tuition is growing at the slowest pace in decades. Seriously. On the…

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