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The Right Time to Give a Second Chance

16shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Ashton just got suspended from his high school for an entire week for cheating. His mother, Jan, was beside herself, because six other students (Ashton’s classmates) got excused for their misconduct, only having to serve one detention period. Jan, obviously, felt it wasn’t fair. Why should her son get…

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Nine Creative Ways You Can Support Teachers

17shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn The numbers were just released. Government data shows “Teachers and other public education employees, such as community-college faculty, school psychologists and janitors, are quitting their jobs at the fastest rate on record,” reports The Wall Street Journal. Due to a tighter labor market and historically low unemployment rates, many…

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Three Ways to Develop Emotional Intelligence in Generation Z

14shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Today’s blog is from Andrew McPeak. Andrew is a next gen researcher, speaker, and author for Growing Leaders. I bet you can identify with an experience I had recently. A few months ago, I met a very bright young man who had been recognized by his school as one…

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How to Make Your Communication Effective

4shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Google is growing up. Current CEO Sundar Pichai reported at a 2017 conference that his company is rethinking all of their products, as well as how they communicate to people. What have they concluded is a better way to communicate to both stakeholders and customers?  This may not surprise…

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How to Equip Students to be Mentally Tough

9shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn You may not believe this, but one university just came up with some new rules—in order to make life easier for students. I think it’s a very bad idea. The journalism department at Leeds Trinity University in the U.K., has requested that lecturers avoid several “acts” that might frighten…

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