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Six Warning Signs Your Students Are Struggling with the Pandemic

12shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore I wonder if adults fully comprehend what’s going on inside the minds of kids today. Mental health issues were already mounting among those in Generation Z, but the Pandemic has taken its toll and left them in worse mental and emotional health than ever. In Japan,…

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Four Secrets to Virtually Approach Social and Emotional Learning

7shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore Have you ever heard of BeauTubers? This is a term describing beauty-YouTubers. A beauty YouTuber, commonly referred to as a beauty vlogger, beauty guru, beauty influencer, or Beautuber, is a person who creates and posts videos to YouTube about cosmetics, fashion, hair-styling, nail art, and other…

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The Importance of Developing Emotionally Intelligent Schools and Homes

9shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I was stunned to hear what had happened at Stanley Middle School in Lafayette, California. Seventh-grader Merek Mastrov, who is 12 years old, missed a total of 90 minutes of Zoom classroom time. What step did the school take in response?  Merek’s dad got a letter saying his son…

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Four Reasons Why a Gap Year Might be the Best Way for Students to Build SEL Skills (Even During a Pandemic)

10shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Today’s blog post is from Steve Moore. Steve is an author, speaker, and president of Growing Leaders. I came across an interesting letter written by a father on behalf of his discouraged son: Please forgive a father who is so bold as to turn to you…in the interest of…

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The Secret to Starting Real-Life Conversations with Your Students

5shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I made a discovery recently. The schools that experience the toughest challenges with a remote learning model (or even a hybrid schedule) are the ones that continue to push for keeping academic scores high, at the expense of everything else. I asked a teacher recently how her remote learning…

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The Pros & Cons of E-Learning to Build Social & Emotional Learning Skills

5shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn For many years now, researchers in educational fields have been trying to understand the influence of technology in the classroom. Is it helping? Is it hurting? Should we be using it? Of course, all of the answers to these questions may not be moot. After all, technology isn’t IN…

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The Secret to Leading Poorly Performing Students Well

6shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn If you’re like me, you’ve attended countless webinars on leading students during a pandemic. You’ve probably read so many articles on COVID-19 you feel like a cross between a therapist and a physician’s assistant. You’ve likely been on video calls so much your eyes are blurry and you’ve contracted…

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Helping Generation Z Use Self-Awareness to Create Self-Confidence

8shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn It didn’t take long for people to recognize that Babe Ruth was a special athlete. The Sultan of Swat was a natural baseball player, better at hitting and pitching than most ballplayers in his time. In fact, at one point, a researcher from Columbia University coaxed him to undergo…

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