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Now is the Time for Leaders to Step Up

2shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Have you heard about the latest trend? People are resigning from their jobs in droves. By the millions. Inc. magazine reported on The Great Resignation, detailing the numbers; and they’re staggering. The Great Resignation, is a term coined in 2019 by Texas A&M’s Anthony Klotz to predict a mass exodus…

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Ever Heard of the Blackout Challenge? How Social Media Is Changing Peer Pressure and What to Do About It

4shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore I remember feeling tangible peer pressure in high school. Friends pushed me to smoke cigarettes and marijuana, drink beer, and be sexually active. This was not uncommon in the 1970s. Culture was morphing from traditional to rebellious as baby boomers and Gen Xers pushed boundaries and listened…

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Helping Students Strike a Balance Between Inclusion and Diversity

20shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore Did you hear how Columbia University handled their graduation ceremonies? No, I’m not referring to mask-wearing or social distancing. I’m talking about the administration’s decision to host six separate graduation ceremonies, based on the graduates’ income level, race, ethnicities, and gender preferences. My concern has nothing to…

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The Importance of Laughter for Your Student’s Stress Management

342shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore Whenever I meet with students, it seems something hilarious is bound to happen. It’s part of adolescence—to seek out the bizarre, to poke fun, and to laugh at ourselves. I’ve come to believe it’s part of dealing with stress. I’ve heard from middle school and high school…

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What the GameStop Market Surge Teaches Us About Generation Z & Millennials

5shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn By: Tim Elmore For years, younger generations have been the brunt of jokes by older generations who felt they were immature, lazy slackers who moved back home after college. A Twitter hashtag called, #HowToConfuseAMillennial even went viral, as social media posts often do. Some samples are: Show them a phone…

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