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The Importance of Developing Emotionally Intelligent Schools and Homes

9shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I was stunned to hear what had happened at Stanley Middle School in Lafayette, California. Seventh-grader Merek Mastrov, who is 12 years old, missed a total of 90 minutes of Zoom classroom time. What step did the school take in response?  Merek’s dad got a letter saying his son…

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How to Prepare Gen Z for the ‘New Normal’ After the Pandemic

10shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn When I was a young kid, seat belts were introduced to automobiles. I remember in 1968 when the federal government made them mandatory. At first, they were only lap belts with no strap across the chest. People claimed they hindered movement and wrinkled their clothes. It was a strange…

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Five Ingredients to Help Students Recover Following a Pandemic

15shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn The population of young people, ages 16 to 24, were already facing mental health problems. Now they feel delayed by COVID-19, and it has added to their anxiety levels. This portion of Generation Z and Millennials are disadvantaged. While it sounds strong, many of them feel: Postponed Pushed aside…

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How this Pandemic Could Change School for the Better

11shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Most of us have mourned what the COVID-19 quarantine has stolen from our teens. Less class time, more screen time, more boredom, and both students and teachers who are uncomfortable with the new normal. Many traditions were removed like sports games, recitals, school plays, proms, and marching bands on…

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Why Some Nations Are Figuring Out How to Open Schools

7shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn We’ve actually heard some good news from European countries like Denmark, Germany, Austria, and Norway. These nations have figured out ways to reopen their schools, some as early as mid-April and early May, without seeing significant increases in COVID-19 cases. And, according to the New York Times, “Experts are…

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What Will We Remember from This Pandemic?

9shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn A few years ago, my extended family gathered for a reunion. My sisters and I reminisced about our childhoods, including vacations, past girlfriends and boyfriends, squabbles we had, you name it. What struck me that day was, while we all remembered significant occasions, we all recalled different details, smaller…

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