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How to Build Snowmen from a Snowflake Generation

For years, we’ve heard journalists, educators and employers tell us that our youngest generation in America could be called a “snowflake generation.” Why? Because so many of these kids have been raised in a delicate, soft environment, protected from life’s harsh realities and responsibilities. Some even wrote that we’ve coddled them, protecting them with “bubble…

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What If Our “New Normal” Isn’t Good?

I’ll never forget September of 2001. President George W. Bush attempted to help Americans deal with the horrific terrorist attacks in New York and Washington D.C. In his remarks, he said we must prepare ourselves for a “new normal.” By this term, he meant that what is common and routine; what’s becoming normal for our…

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Six Qualities of a Great Mentor

As this year comes to an end, I thought it might be helpful to talk to you about finding a mentor. For you, a mentor might mean reconnecting with a person you feel is ahead of you in their career and nudging you to take a new step. For your students, this discussion might be…

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How to Overcome After-the-Holiday Slump

We live in a funny and unique day. On the whole, Americans have never enjoyed so much “stuff.” We have more possessions and live in a more materialistic era than at any point in the last century. At the same time, we are less happy than in past days. Go figure. I’ve written earlier about…

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A New Holiday Tradition—Better Than Giving Gifts

Just a brief post to wish you a very, merry Christmas holiday season and to challenge you to consider doing something new this year. For centuries, Christmas has been a time for giving gifts, spending time with loved ones and taking time off. Regardless of your background, most of you perpetuate the ritual of cherishing…

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