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Seven Practical Strategies to Talk About Mental Health with Your Kids

9shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Even though mental health issues are on the forefront of our minds today, the topic still carries a stigma for many. Talking about depression can be hard. Trina, a sophomore in college, recently said to me, “We look around us and everyone else seems happy, and we feel we must…

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Three Leadership Topics to Discuss with Your Team

9shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Since the beginning of this year, I have experienced new territory as a leader. Change is in the wind. Major change. Our organization, Growing Leaders, endured a plateau in its growth, and some team members moved out of state. It forced our leadership’s team members to examine ourselves in fresh…

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How to Lead Someone Older Than You

9shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I found myself talking about “generational diversity in the workplace” twice during podcasts recently. In response, I’ve had young leaders send a specific question: “How do you lead someone from an older generation who is, well…different from you?” It’s a good question. Generational diversity in the workplace can be just…

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10 Tips for Handling Difficult Conversations Between Teachers & Parents

29shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn It’s September and already, I’ve heard from a teacher who was ambushed by an upset parent in a hallway after school. Students and faculty were all around when an argument surfaced that failed to reach any resolution and, in fact, only built walls between the teacher and parent. All they…

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Three Ideas to Handle Conflict on Social Media

12shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Something happened on television a decade ago that changed the face of public interaction. Do you remember what it was? It was ten years ago when incivility was officially ushered in by a huge personality who had little restraint. The person was Kanye West. It was the 2009 MTV Music…

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When to Rescue and When to Risk with Students

14shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I know a young adult male—we’ll call him Sam—who manages depression and has anxiety attacks from time to time. As a young professional he’s attempting to cope with his reality, but over the last two years, he’s resorted to smoking pot, consuming too much alcohol and vaping. He’s gotten high…

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Four Timeless Tools to Connect with Generation Z 

13shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I continue to hear from teachers nationwide that genuine conversations are becoming more difficult in their classrooms. Students seem more comfortable interacting on portable devices than they are face-to-face. The screens in our lives are negatively influencing our social interactions. In addition to technology, new research demonstrates that other factors…

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10 Steps to Help Recent College Graduates with Interviews

22shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Picture this scenario: Your young graduate sends out her resume to several potential employers hoping for a great job to open up. Lo and behold, three job offers end up coming her way. But which should she choose? Such a decision seems more stressful than it was in past generations.…

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