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What Emotion-Reading Technology Means for Us

5shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn You may not believe this—but word just got out that Inc. is working on a smart device that can read human emotions. That’s right. This is not science fiction. In fact, the technology may be able to discern your emotional or personal needs before you do. An example…

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How to Teach for Meaning Not Memorization

15shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn A few years ago, I spoke to a large audience of high school faculty in Kansas. During a question and answer period, one freshman algebra teacher raised his hand to ask, “How should I respond when a student asks me if he’ll ever use this subject after graduation, and…

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Five Steps to Develop Effective Communication

4shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I’ll never forget hearing Zig Ziglar speak at a conference, back in 1978. It was my freshman year of college and he quickly became my role model for memorable communication. Zig was a salesman by training, and boy could he sell an idea. He became a best-selling author of…

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