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My Favorite Books I Read Last Year

12shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Almost every year, I post a handful of my favorite books I read the previous year. As you can see below, my list for 2019 was heavily weighted with leadership books, not just organizational, but personal leadership. The styles vary, and so do the authors. These are the books…

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12 Must Read Leadership Books for Young Adults

70shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn As I travel and speak to college students, I’m often asked what are the best books for a young leader to read. Years ago, I created a list of “Must Reads” for established leaders, but below, I list what I consider great reads for emerging leaders—teens and twenty-somethings who…

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My Favorite Book This Year

2shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I know, I know. We are less than four months into 2018. But I have already enjoyed several books that have marked me. One of them—I’d like to talk about today. Daniel Pink just released his latest book called, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing. I’ve enjoyed each…

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12 Biographies Every Young Person Should Read

20shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn At Growing Leaders, we believe in the potential and power of the emerging generation. Today’s emerging generation—the young people we call “Generation iY”—will carve a new path in history. Each new generation, however, is responsible not only to do something new, but to remember what has come before. Stories…

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My Favorite Reads from 2014

0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore Each year, I post a blog containing some of my favorite books I read from the previous year. My list from 2014 is below. These do not represent all the books I read. … but they are some of the best, most engaging reads that I felt you…

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David and Goliath

0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to host an interview with best-selling writer, Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers. I loved them all, and spending time lobbing questions his way was the highlight of my week. I was like a kid in a candy store. We focused on his new…

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