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The Secret Skill of the Best Coaches Today

9shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Have you heard the news? California appears to be the first state to pass legislation that will compensate student-athletes for their names and images. California’s governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a bill that allows athletes attending California universities to earn money from their names, images, and likeness rights, starting…

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What Generation Z Likes & Doesn’t Like

14shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Twice a year, Piper Jaffrey (an independent banking company) surveys almost 10,000 teens to discover what they like, what they don’t like, and what they care about. (Respondents are from 42 states; this year, the average respondent’s age was about 16.) The company just released its latest report (Fall, 2019),…

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Nine Ways Student Athletes Can Best Manage Their Energy and Time

13shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn This past month, I spent time with more than 650 NCAA student-athletes. When I asked several of them what their number one challenge was, the overwhelming response was “time management.” I heard statements like: I just wish I had more hours in my day. It’s almost impossible to balance my…

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Seven Symptoms of an Under-Functioning Parent

33shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn It almost seems as if today’s parents can be divided into subsets, depending on how they approach their duties. We’ve all heard about the “snowplow” or the “lawnmower” parents—these are intrusive moms and dads who plow or mow down any obstacle in the way of their child’s progress. According to…

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10 Visible Signs of Stress in Students—and How to Spot Them

36shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I listened in on a conversation between young women recently. The girls were from various high schools and colleges, and they were talking about surviving school. I was struck by how much they used the term stressed out. It was the most frequently verbalized term in their discussion. Today, students…

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Five Sources of Stress in Teens

30shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Chad lives with his grandparents whose income is so low they live well below the poverty line in his school district. Because the school is understaffed and has only one counselor, Chad is consistently living in distress, possessing no coping skills. Sara is bullied and sexually harassed as a middle…

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The One Question You Never Want to Hear from Students

11shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Parents tell me that their kids are asking them far fewer questions than they used to ask their parents when they were growing up. There’s nothing scientific about this observation, but I tend to believe them. Why? Because kids today have a portable device. They can Google. They can YouTube.…

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Why the Government is Investing in Social and Emotional Learning

8shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I recently read a report that congress passed legislation this summer for landmark spending on social and emotional learning for American students. It represents $260 million in what congress calls the Whole Child Initiative. This means our federal government believes it needs to spend money on kids beyond the education…

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Three Ideas to Handle Conflict on Social Media

12shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Something happened on television a decade ago that changed the face of public interaction. Do you remember what it was? It was ten years ago when incivility was officially ushered in by a huge personality who had little restraint. The person was Kanye West. It was the 2009 MTV Music…

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