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The Normalization of Anxiety

10shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn This may sound strange—but I love the fact that we’re talking about mental health issues today. While I hate that millions of teenage students struggle with such issues, at least we’re finally addressing them, rather than hiding from them, and beginning to take action against anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and…

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Five Steps to Reverse a Sense of Entitlement

35shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I had the most intriguing experience on the road this year while speaking at a private, elite high school. The school was located in a wealthy suburb. I was astonished by the beautiful, expensive cars the students drove to school. Some who didn’t drive themselves took an Uber. Every student…

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Four Traits of a Self-Care School

3shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn The Associated Press recently reviewed, data from more than three dozen public universities and discovered what I’ve suspected for years. The number of students seeking treatment for mental health problems has almost doubled in the past five years, while overall enrollment has stayed about the same. Did you catch that? The…

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Four Ways to Practice Emotional Intelligence During the Holidays

7shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Almost every one of us will spend time with family or friends over the holiday season. We “push pause” on our busy lives and spend time with others with no agenda except exchanging gifts and consuming food. Well, except for millions of families. I have noticed when families gather during…

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Six Steps to Move Students from Cynicism to Optimism

8shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn It was exactly 50 years ago that the Internet was born. In the fall of 1969, two letters were typed and transmitted online, forever altering the way knowledge, information, and communication happens among humans. On Oct. 29, 1969, Leonard Kleinrock, a professor of computer science at UCLA and his grad…

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Four Ways Parents Reduce Gratitude in Their Kids

27shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I recently witnessed three teenage girls at a shopping village with their mom. They were Christmas shopping and completely caught up in the season. As they interacted, I heard the teens getting louder and louder. Without trying, I began to hear what they were talking about. Each of them felt…

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Five Tips for Raising Kids in a Culture of Avoidance

12shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn My wife and I live in a neighborhood with a HOA (Homeowners Association). Everyone who moves into a home signs an agreement to live by specific guidelines about upkeep, yard maintenance, and curb appeal. One of our neighbors has failed to keep the agreement. This is not uncommon, but what…

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Seven Characteristics That Distinguish Generation Z

17shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn One question I often get asked is: How is Generation Z (the youngest population being assessed today) different than Millennials? The answer? They’re distinctly different. If we have any hope of partnering with these students, we would do well to understand them. Below is an excerpt from our new book,…

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