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The Timothy Alexander Story: How He Overcame Two Tragedies

1share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Each week—leading up to Giving Tuesday—we are posting a story of a person who has experienced someone’s generosity. We call it “The Art of Generosity.” We shared the story of Truett Cathy and John Maxwell, and today, I want you to meet Timothy Alexander. Timothy has become one of my…

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Six Ways to Battle the Growing World of “Fake”

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn You may remember hearing about the terrifying hoax that occurred on the eve of Halloween in 1938. A radio broadcast of Orson Wells, War of the Worlds, purported that Martians had invaded earth. The program created a nationwide panic. It seemed so real; Americans believed it. Well—it’s happening again today.…

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A Case Study: Three Insights We Learn From the Brock Turner Case

0share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn A tragic story broke last week about Brock Turner, a former Stanford University swimmer, who was found guilty of sexual assault against a young woman while she was unconscious. The crime was utterly horrendous, and the jury found Turner guilty on three felony counts. However, shortly after the verdict, the…

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Does a Loaded Childhood Delay Healthy Adulthood?

2shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore You probably remember the story of pop star Michael Jackson, beloved by millions of fans (including me). For all of the talent he possessed and success he achieved, his story is somewhat tragic. From a young age, Michael and his brothers were full-time employees for the Jackson Five,…

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Six Benefits of Margins in a Student’s Life

1share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore Yesterday, I attempted to build a case for margins in our lives — both for us leaders and for our students. We need margins in order to become fully alive and to become the best versions of ourselves. I am not the first to say it, but it’s…

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The Case for Margins in a Student’s Life

1share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore I’ve noticed a subtle pattern in college and high school students. I wonder if you’ve seen it too. Over the past year, I’ve marveled at what kids find humorous. At times, I’m startled at the misfortunes — even “fails” — that kids watch on YouTube and find funny.…

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Building Your Personal Brand

1share Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Follow @TimElmore I find myself talking to high school and college students about personal branding all the time. Brands and labels are so much a part of our culture today. In fact, many companies actually hire Brand Managers, whose job is to insure that they company’s brand is solidly embedded…

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