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Seven Ways to Prevent Athletes From a De-Commit or Transfer

9shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I know a high school senior who was recruited to play volleyball at a NCAA Division One School. Emily told me the coaches “courted” her for months until she finally committed to play there. And then, when she actually showed up to play, things were different. After a week…

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The Fine Line Between Excellence and Obsession

7shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I recently met a family on a road trip who epitomizes today’s society. Their three children are the center of their lives. They spend most of their money to resource those children. Both screens and sports occupy the majority of their time. Because they have some discretionary income, they…

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Building a “Whatever It Takes” Attitude On Your Team 

8shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn The phrase hung over the doorway of the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room for decades. It has been used over and over again by championship teams from all sports. It’s a mindset. It’s a way of life. It’s an attitude. “Whatever it takes.” Yet, after surveying young adults today I’ve…

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Five Steps to Ensure a Positive Mood

15shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn The one thing I hated most about my leadership in my early career was the unpredictability of my moods. I don’t think I was unusually moody, but I was aware that my disposition—sometimes volatile—affected the team I led. No doubt, they often wondered: Is this a good day to…

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Leading Student Athletes Who Don’t Think They Need a Coach

11shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Two years ago, UConn women’s basketball coach, Geno Auriemma, did an interview just before the Final Four. It was re-posted on Facebook a couple of months ago and has gained traction again with so many coaches across our nation. Ole’ Geno didn’t pull any punches in the interview. After…

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