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The Key to Championship-Level Teams

Recently, I had the privilege to sit down for several hours with Dave Hart, who just retired after 35 years in NCAA intercollegiate athletics. Dave is a friend who’s now in a marvelous place to reflect on what he’s learned as a former athlete, as a coach and later as an administrator for some great…

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Recruiting for Leadership

I recently met with several NCAA Division One coaches to talk about building leadership in their student athletes. Almost everyone agreed that while today’s young athletes may be as gifted as ever, they usually come to college unable to lead their teammates. Or, perhaps a better term is—unwilling. Why? Few want to do the tough…

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A Job That Coaches Can’t Neglect

The story unfolds before our very eyes. Legendary head basketball coach Rick Pitino, of the Louisville Cardinals, received a clear message from the NCAA: “You can’t claim you didn’t know what was going on.” You’ve likely heard the story. Last month, the NCAA released its findings on the prostitutes and strippers invited to “serve” the…

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Six Simple Ways to Better Engage Generation Z

We are leading, coaching, parenting, and teaching kids who’ve never lived a day in the 20th century. They’ve only known a world of terrorism, recession, racial unrest, corporate scandals, under-employment and uncertainty. They’ve also only known a world of portable devices, multi-tasking, social media, multiple personas and a complex world where they are more about…

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Three Mindsets to Build in Students and Athletes: Podcast #47

Today, I’m excited to share with you a conversation with Joe Castiglione. Castiglione is currently the Athletic Director at the University of Oklahoma and the Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletic Programs. In 2009, Joe Castiglione was named National Athletic Director of the Year by the Sports Business Journal. Here are some highlights from our conversation.…

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Eight Action Steps for Managing Team Expectations

When we work with athletic departments, under the leadership of J. T. Thoms, we almost always take surveys of both coaches and student athletes. They provide us with data that informs our events and ensures that our partnership is guided by their pain points. These surveys also furnish us with a clear picture of what…

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