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The Danger of Single Sport Athletes

25shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Parents have made another shift in a single generation. While parents raising Millennials became famous for giving trophies or ribbons to their children just for participating, parents of Generation Z (often Millennial parents) have pushed their kids to the other extreme, driving them to compete at a high level…

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The Connection Between Incentive and Entitlement

8shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I have two friends who are sales people. Neither of them receives a base salary for their job, but both are making a good paycheck each month. They work completely off of commissions. When they make a sale, they make some money. Not only is their career going well,…

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Mental Toughness Exercises for You and Your Students

21shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Did you know some of the greatest examples of “mental toughness” are unlikely heroes who failed or performed poorly prior to their rise to achievement? In other words, they all experienced a setback before they made a comeback: Roger Federer, the greatest tennis player in history, with seven Wimbledon…

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The Role of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Student Athletes

11shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I just spent some time with athletic coaches from the Southeastern Conference. These are stellar people, many of whom have coached for decades. And they are coaching at the Division One level, the highest tier for student-athletes. So, I was a bit surprised when three of them spoke to…

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How Nick Saban Develops Grit in His Players

20shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Coach Nick Saban came up with a new way to define mental toughness for his football team. During spring training, 2018, the national champion head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide told a story to his players. While Saban was weather-proofing his Florida home, storm windows were being chosen…

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Why Today’s Athletes Are Lonely & What to Do About It

18shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I’m not sure what you think NBA players do between games, but my guess is, it’s wrong. Those young players are not merely signing autographs, attending parties in their honor and soaking up culture and society. According to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, many of them are lonely. In fact,…

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What Parents Should Say as Their Kids Perform

In my work at Growing Leaders, we enjoy the privilege of serving numerous NCAA and professional sports teams each year. After meeting with hundreds of coaches and athletes, I noticed an issue kept surfacing in our conversations. Both the student-athlete and the coach were trying to solve the same problem. What was that problem?

The parents of the student-athletes.

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The Truth About Ownership in Athletics Today

9shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn   Most coaches I talk to today mourn the struggle they have with their young players taking “ownership” of the team. Why aren’t they more responsible? Why don’t they think for themselves? Why do they need me to confront poor behavior from teammates and not do it themselves? Where…

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A Powerful Leadership Lesson from a Super Bowl Athlete

38shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn You don’t have to love football to know—the 2019 Super Bowl will take place this Sunday. The NFC champion Los Angeles Rams will take on the AFC champion New England Patriots in my hometown, Atlanta, Georgia. Two great teams will square off to determine who will be the champion…

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