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Do You Know What Your Student-Athletes Need from You Now?

21shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn I spoke to a couple of NCAA Division One coaches by phone last week. Both were holding up OK but were inquiring about how to manage their current reality as both student-athletes and coaches are separated, routines are upset, and so many are anxious. Recruiting looks different. Strength and conditioning…

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The Secret Skill of the Best Coaches Today

9shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Have you heard the news? California appears to be the first state to pass legislation that will compensate student-athletes for their names and images. California’s governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a bill that allows athletes attending California universities to earn money from their names, images, and likeness rights, starting…

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Nine Ways Student Athletes Can Best Manage Their Energy and Time

13shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn This past month, I spent time with more than 650 NCAA student-athletes. When I asked several of them what their number one challenge was, the overwhelming response was “time management.” I heard statements like: I just wish I had more hours in my day. It’s almost impossible to balance my…

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The First Two Steps in a Student’s Leadership Journey

9shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn A great news story broke not long ago in Denver, Colorado. On July 15th, 23-year old Nathan Patterson was attending a Colorado Rockies ballgame. At Coors Field, like in most baseball stadiums today, there are amusements all over the stadium for fans who get bored just watching the game. They…

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The Danger of Single Sport Athletes

28shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Parents have made another shift in a single generation. While parents raising Millennials became famous for giving trophies or ribbons to their children just for participating, parents of Generation Z (often Millennial parents) have pushed their kids to the other extreme, driving them to compete at a high level from…

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