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An Exception to the Rule [repost]

I recently heard from a faculty member at Syracuse University. She gave me a classic illustration of what is happening today in so many of our schools. After returning the previous week’s tests, one student complained that she’d gotten a bad grade. When her professor suggested she might want to study harder next time, the student protested, and immediately called her mother, right there in class. What’s more—after getting her mom on the phone, she handed the cell phone to her teacher and said to her, “My mom wants to talk to you.”

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  1. Guest on April 19, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    I’m wondering what kind of workers these young people will be when they venture out into the workforce. How receptive to feedback are they going to be? How will they handle a boss that simply doesn’t believe in patting her/his employees on the back for simply doing what they are being paid to do? And how will they be when they get a negative performance evaluation?

    • Tim Elmore on April 29, 2011 at 2:08 pm

      These are some great questions! Chapter 8 of my book “Generation iY” is titled, “My Crystal Ball: Predictions for Generation iY in the Workplace.” In this chapter, I really try to help employers understand this new generation of workers and offer some helpful advice for calling out the best in them. The bottom line is that those who lead Gen iY will have to adapt their leadership style to effectively engage these workers and help them reach their potential. I’m certainly not advocating lowering our expectations of these employees – just changing our methods to meet them where they are and lead them to grow.

      Check out for more info.

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An Exception to the Rule [repost]