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A Small Sprocket

I just landed at LAX. Tomorrow I will participate in Chick-Fil-A’s annual Seminar event. This year they are holding the event in Long Beach, CA. It’s quite the gathering. Thousands of leaders. Great people. Great product. Great purpose that each of their restaurant Operators share.

Tomorrow morning, Chick-Fil-A president Dan Cathy will announce a partnership between Chick-Fil-A and Growing Leaders. We will work out the details this year…but we are both committed to developing the next generation of leaders. They employ 50,000 of them in their restaurants across the country. We are honored to be part of what they are doing.
Not ten days ago, Growing Leaders and Competitive Edge Sports also announced a strategic partnership. CES is the number one athletic training center in the U.S. About one third of all NFL players use CES for strength and conditioning.  However, both CES and Growing Leaders know that that physical conditioning is not enough. Those athletes need strong biceps and a strong backbone. Character and leadership are all a part of the equation. Our Vice President, Holly Moore has been in discussions for about two years to see this partnership happen.
It’s been fun for me to see both of these partnerships emerge. Like a “small sprocket,” we kept spinning and spinning, doing what we know to do, to the best of our abilities… and now we’ve seen these two excellent organizations say: let’s join hands.
Sometimes, things take time. Results don’t happen overnight. That’s probably not a news flash. I am continuing to learn that leaders must work like “small sprockets.” They are like the little sprocket turning against a much bigger sprocket. That little sprocket has to spin many times to get that big sprocket to turn just once. The small sprocket must keep spinning until momentum finally kicks in. The leader is the small sprocket. The organization is the larger one.
It’s like the Fly Wheel Jim Collins writes about. Spinning can be hard and unrewarding. When momentum enters, however, the rewards are stunning. This is just a reminder to anyone who’s weary.  Keep spinning.

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A Small Sprocket