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A Recipe For Disaster in Our Culture

What’s happening in Cairo today — I predicted three years ago. If things don’t change, Egypt will be the first of many countries who experience turmoil.

Allow me to summarize the Egypt conflict:

– The population is 80 million.
– 60% of population is below age of 30.
– There is 90% unemployment within that age group.

This equation is always a recipe for disaster: A large population of youth, a high unemployment rate and poor leadership.

In the U.S., we have a bulge in the population of kids. In 1990, we gave birth to more babies than any other year in our history. We also have a high unemployment rate among young people — about half of our teens and twenty-somethings.

The poor leadership thing — is up to us.

What are you doing about the future? How are you investing in the next generation of leaders, employees, teachers, government workers, church leaders, and parents? Let me suggest some action steps to take:

1. Be intentional. Spend time with students. Ask about their hopes and fears.
2. Connect young people to your network. Expose them to good people.
3. Help them craft a resume and prepare for interviews.
4. Recommend ideas that can help them plan the steps toward their dream.
5. Hold them accountable to take their “next step.”

This may sound odd, but I am in a mutual mentoring relationship with my 18-year-old son. I just walked through the steps above with him as he plots out a production company he wants to launch. At the same time, I often approach him to help me understand technology and culture from his perspective. We both win.

Let’s do what we can to prevent this emerging generation of kids from becoming a “leaderless generation.”



  1. Edee Payne on February 11, 2011 at 12:29 am

    I like this blog. thank you for reminding me of my responsibility to our future generations. I have always taken that assignment to pour my life into that of young people since my girls were teens 20 yrs. ago. And I’ve continued to do so for high school students & college students I taught from 2001-2007. No I’m retired due to a life changing disability but I”m homeschooling my grandson with Asperger’s Syndrome. He and his 3 brothers live with me & my husband & I take very opportunity to teach them & mentor them in effective characteristics that enhance their leadership & life skills. I enjoy reading your posts on Facebook! I like the above list & plan to use it! ~Edee Payne Athens, GA

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A Recipe For Disaster in Our Culture