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A Labor Day Parable

It’s Labor Day…a day to commemorate the work ethic and prosperity of American workers. The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882 in New York City. In 1884, the first Monday in September was selected as the holiday. It was a “workman’s holiday” according to the Central Labor Union.

labor day

One of my favorite stories illustrating the value of work ethic in the emerging generation is about a teenage boy who walked into a convenient store and made a phone call. The clerk overheard the teen say:

“Hey—I heard you guys were looking for a new employee to work in the stock room. I just wanted you to know that if you are, I may be your guy. I’ve got a great attitude, an incredible work ethic, I show up early and often stay late to be sure the work gets done. I try to encourage my teammates and will do whatever it takes to succeed on the job. Can you use me?”

The employer on the other end of the phone call said he already had great stock room leader, but that he appreciated the call.

The teen hung up the phone and began to walk out of the store, when the clerk stopped him and said, “Excuse me, son. But I couldn’t help overhearing your phone call.  If you are looking for work and you really have that kind of work ethic, I will hire you right here on the spot!”

The boy just smiled and responded, “Oh, I am not looking for a job. I was just calling to check up with my boss on the job I already have.

May you develop students with this kind of spirit.

Happy Labor Day!

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A Labor Day Parable