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3,000 Leaders, 20 Countries, 5 Languages and One Servant-Leader

Eagles Conference

This past week, three team members from Growing Leaders spent time in Singapore and Indonesia, investing in business leaders, faculty members, parents, pastors, youth workers and students. Our partners in that part of the world, Mike Griffin (Equipping Leaders in Asia) and Mike Loh and Helen Lim-Yang (Cappelle Consultants) hosted us and positioned us to do ten training events. We had the undeserved privilege of equipping over 3,000 leaders, from 20 countries, and were translated into five languages. We had a blast!

One of my personal highlights was a woman named Daisy. She is a delightful lady, with bright eyes, a beautiful smile, and jet-black hair who works at the Mandarin Orchard Hotel in downtown Singapore. Daisy is the consummate hostess, who makes sure every guest has a unique experience of extravagant service. On one particular evening—she was especially good.

Our team had just returned from Indonesia. It was late and we were tired. My teammate, Chloe, realized—after we’d already made our way through security, retrieved our luggage and driven back to our hotel—that she’d left her passport at the airport. Ugh. That experience can cause your heart to sink into your stomach. Who knows who had their hands on that passport, and whether we would ever see it again. The blood was slowly rushing out of Chloe’s face, when we saw Daisy in the lobby. As soon as we told her what had happened she took control. She jumped on the phone and called airport security. She remained on the line quite a while until she discovered that no one had found the passport, but if someone did they would leave it at the information table in terminal two. She reported this news to us, then smiled and said: “Let me see what else I can do.”

At the point, she got on the line with police and made an official report. While on the line, we decided with Daisy, that Chloe and Holly should return to the airport and we would stay in touch if we heard anything. I waited with Daisy who stayed on the line with police fifteen minutes making sure no one got out of the country with that passport and that they had an official report in case we had to apply for another one. Sure enough, within five minutes of hanging up, Daisy got a call. Putting her hand over the phone, she smiled and said to me: “Good news. They found the passport.”  I had the opportunity to call Chloe and give her the news.

Seldom do you meet someone like Daisy. It was like we had an additional team member who knew exactly what to do, who had the courage to act and the tenacity to stay on the case until she resolved it. She’s a brilliant example of a servant-leader.

Talk to me. When was the last time you had an experience like this?


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3,000 Leaders, 20 Countries, 5 Languages and One Servant-Leader