The Best Young Inventors and Their Creations

From time to time, I like to remind our blog readers that Generation iY contains some incredibly innovative and disciplined individuals. When I meet them or read about them, my hope for the future is refreshed. Some of their inventions are wild and some are deeply practical— but all of them are encouraging. Since 1996, T3 magazine has been awarding innovation. Be encouraged as you read about some of the world’s youngest inventors:

photo credit: the_exploratorium via photopin cc

photo credit: the_exploratorium via photopin cc

Tim Whitehead and His Water Project

While visiting Zambia, Tim Whitehead, 22, was moved to think about improving access to clean water in developing countries. So he invented a bottle that sterilizes a liter of water in just two minutes using a filter and a wind-up ultra-violet lamp.

The bottle works like a cafetière. First, a filter is placed in a container of dirty water, which removes large particles and makes it clear. Then, a UV light bulb with an attached handle is placed in the water and cranked for 90 seconds, sterilizing the contents and making it safe to drink. Tests have shown that it kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria.

A Five-Year-Old Makes Cleaning a Breeze

Five-year-old Sam Houghton, of Buxton, Derbyshire, is thought to be UK’s youngest inventor. Sam was just three when he came up with the idea of a double-headed broom to collect large leaf and twig debris and gather fine dust simultaneously.

Sam’s invention has been taken up by the UK-IPO, which is hoping to use it to encourage other youngsters to come up with inventions through an initiative called “Cracking Ideas”. This invention makes raking leaves a breeze.

A Solar Panel Made from Human Hair

I wonder… has Nepalese youngster Milan Karki, 18, solved the world’s energy crisis? His revolutionary solar panel could provide the world with cheap, green electricity. Human hair replaces the costly silicon used in typical solar panels, making Milan’s panels cheap to produce. For around £23 it can provide light all evening. Now we’re cooking!

A Whole New World for the Blind  

Blindspot is a clever new white cane that opens the world to visually handicapped people. The cane is the brainchild of 23-year-old Selene Chew, an industrial-design graduate from the National University of Singapore (NUS). Based on GPS apps with Bluetooth communication, it guides users with assured ease. A tactile navigator on the cane points them in the exact direction to walk while an ultrasonic sensor beeps them safely past objects and obstacles.

Doorbells and Cell Phones

It happens all the time. You don’t hear the doorbell when you’re patiently waiting for that package of tech goodies. But Laurence Rook, a (very) smart 13-year old has changed all that. After missing several parcel deliveries, Laurence invented the Smart Bell to help his mother. He’s now on course for a £250,000 windfall.

Smart Bell dials the homeowner’s mobile phone when the doorbell is rung, enabling the homeowner to talk to whoever is at the front door—wherever they are (on the move, on vacation, away from home). It makes a handy burglar deterrent too.


I’d love to hear of more young adults or kids who are innovative. Do you know any? Can you comment below and let us know?


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The Best Young Inventors and Their Creations