Best Blogs of 2015

I was recently reviewing some of our blogs over the last year and decided I’d share some of them with you. I know we’re all busy, and that we can’t read every article. But there might be one in the list below that you missed or want to read again.

As you may know, there are leaders from many different fields that are part of the discussions on our blog. So I identified the top three articles in some of the major fields we serve. Feel free to read them, share them, and join in the discussion via the comments.

Top 3 Blogs for Each Field

College Educators:
The Price Tag of Low Resilience in Students
Four Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset in Students
Are Colleges Becoming Too Trendy?

Coaches & Athletic Administrators:
Why Young Athletes Lack Grit & How to Build It
What Student-athletes Should Know Before Entering College
One Great Lesson Every Leader Can Learn from the KC Royals

K12 Educators:
The Finnish Secret to Successful Students
A Graduation With Over 90 Valedictorians
The Unintended Consequence of an Overwhelmed Student

Business Leaders:
Five Issues to Cover When Interviewing Millennials
Changing The Way You Offer Feedback To Your Team
The Single Biggest Mistake Employers Make in Hiring Millennials

Has Parenting Become a Religion?
The Case for Well Rounded Kids
Parents: Stop Defending Your Child’s Behavior!

Youth Workers:
What’s Happening to College Students Today?
Six Defining Characteristics of Generation Z
Six Steps to Help Students Practice Better Emotional Hygiene

I hope these articles help you as we finish the first month of 2016. I look forward to serving you in this new year.

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Best Blogs of 2015