Repost: Behind the Curtain of My Mentoring Group (Part One)

Lately, I’ve spotted others writing about the need for mentoring, how much they long to find a mentor and even one person who wrote about what they do in their mentoring group, after they’ve done it for two years.

All of this gave me pause.

Outside of the four books I’ve written on the subject, I have never pulled back the curtain and personally described what I do in my mentoring community. I have mentored emerging leaders for just over thirty years now.  Let me share with you what I’ve learned and what I’ve found works when I mentor a community of leaders. Today, I will start with how I choose the people I want to mentor.


How I Choose People to Mentor:

The best way to summarize what I look for is with the acronym FAITH:

  1. I look for people who are Faithful. (Faithful to their previous commitments)
  2. I look for people who are Available. (They have the time to meet regularly)
  3. I look for people with Initiative. (They don’t sit around waiting for action)
  4. I look for people who are Teachable. (They will learn willingly from me)
  5. I look for people who are Hungry. (They are passionate to grow)

If I plan to mentor leaders, I look for GIFTS:

  1. They are Gifted. (They have obvious gifts of communication, planning, etc.)
  2. They have Influence (Even without a title, they influence others)
  3. They are Fruitful (They produce results whatever task they do)
  4. They are Trustworthy (They can be depended upon to keep commitments)
  5. They are Serving (They currently are active, serving in some capacity)

I’ve found if I can spot even three out of five of these characteristics, I am likely to have a positive experience with a mentee.

As you mentor and invest in others, make it a priority to pursue personal mentors who pour into you.  If you want to grow in your ability to lead the next generation well, I would be honored to serve as one of your mentors in that area through an easy-to-use and affordable online program called Leadership2Go.  You can find out all of the details here.

Repost: Behind the Curtain of My Mentoring Group (Part One)